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Quest | Some thoughts expressed ! - 26/09/2016 · 10:37
IF I GOT A DAY WITH YOU ! (Best read with a morning cup of coffee !) If I got a day with you, Do you wonder how will that go ? I will whisk you away from the prying eyes of people, Just you and me with som...

Argie_96 | update - 26/09/2016 · 09:03
Decided to delete all my pics but the one with my german shepherd, I don't like people knowing me too well, there are as many bastards as good people in this page, whoever wants to know me must earn m...

deserty | Reflections - 26/09/2016 · 08:35
I'm home at last , I had a blast Twas nice to see how things had past. The food was great , with native drink It made me want to stop and think. The thought of maybe moving there Did fill my mind with thou...

toastee | Facts of life #3 - 26/09/2016 · 07:35
Not everyone you meet is going to like you, some people may even put on a fake accent and start speaking German when you ask questions. Whats important here is to remember that you can start winking a...

yesie | The Dream - 26/09/2016 · 06:23
Everyone needs a good night's sleep, but sometimes we have a bad dream. A bad dream can affect our daily lifestyle. Dream usually have a meaning, but some bad dream or nightmares just mean nothing. La...

little_miss_pretty | :: Keeping busy with studies :: - 26/09/2016 · 04:42
I just finished a course yesterday. Lately I've been studying more again. Like I wrote somewhere else about me, I want to become a malware expert. So I'm doing the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) path of...

Crush_with | Guptil - 26/09/2016 · 04:42
Martin Guptil is a good One day player, and even has a double hundred at ODI level. But he remains a crummy Test bat who averages under 30 at the highest level. Time to try Luke Ronchi as an opener.

ZweiterAnfang | 26/09/2016 · 02:41
Another favorite project of mine - my video for Matt Lande's cover of Mad World: [Video: Matt Lande - Mad World]

Coca_Cola_Cowboy | Elvis Presley - My Wish Came True - 26/09/2016 · 01:58
[Video: 1959 HITS ARCHIVE: My Wish Came True - Elvis Presley]

Coca_Cola_Cowboy | The Monkees - I'm a Believer - 26/09/2016 · 01:27
[Video: The Monkees - I'm a Believer Lyrics]

Mowgli | Enjoy the last of the weekend... :) - 26/09/2016 · 01:13
[Video: Mercury Retrograde Pets Video Compilation 2016]

SuperCoolKid | Pin a medal to that op! She wants Warp to pin it. - 25/09/2016 · 23:58
This delightful little segment would be from the "ops as chatters" category, if such existed: LizardQueen: yes Sandra SuperCoolKid has gone nuts again [kami has entered the room.] Sandra: I have seen wor...

Lil | Two wrongs are only the beginning. - 25/09/2016 · 22:58
Rest gently on your bed of hate harsh pillows hold your dreams. Cloying words that some create, aren’t always what they seem. You float along a clouded past with hope and wistful thinking. Then spit i...

SuperCoolKid | A genuine attempt at reconciliation. Right in the room. And all they did was laugh. - 25/09/2016 · 22:55
The chief conversants are the first chatter you see below, and myself. Some laughing also appears, but I won't space that out as a major chatter: LordHossTheUsurper: Chivalrous: the protocols of the el...

Sam!! | Semi-charmed life - Third Eye Blind - 25/09/2016 · 21:55
One of my Facebook friends is a woman who I don't know in person but we hung out in the same places 15-20 years ago. I might have known her by sight but I don't recognize her current photos. Anyway sh...

spants | Get it inside of you. - 25/09/2016 · 21:00
[Video: Shpongle - Tickling the Amygdala [Music Video]]

masti | Joke of the Day - 25/09/2016 · 18:14
Two factory workers are talking. The woman says, "I can make the boss give me the day off." The man replies, "And how would you do that?" The woman says, "Just wait and see." She then hangs upside dow...

SchnitzelGains | 25/09/2016 · 16:49
On occasion of another little incident i want to question the value of modern convos. Nowadays everybody is able to ask google, to google it, to google anything... So, what is even left for a nice and...

partasianUSA | In case you can't see my notes... - 25/09/2016 · 16:15
I never thought I would have to blog about this person but my current friends keep adding them and if I can stop someone from getting tricked, I will. If you are friends with, or get a friend request...

checkmark | Dry Run - 25/09/2016 · 14:37
Well, sure as God made little calico kittens, the wife found the perfect vanity and counter top for the bathroom.....in Chicago. So, off we go, dogs in tow (the cats fend for themselves) to the Windy...
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