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what is the best movie of all time

20 Jun 2011 13:59


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20 Jun 2011 16:58




21 Jun 2011 09:15


Of COURSE, Gone With The Wind is number one of allllll time! (:

23 Jun 2011 08:28


After that it's a long list.

14 Jul 2011 16:07

Too many to choose from

< Too many to choose from

Indeed yes. How can movies from different time periods be made comparable ? A difficult question, just as: "Who was the best chess player of all times ?" This question can be asked but never answered, because those who are expected to answer are of different ages and of different historical viewpoints. I think the best films are those which were made not too far away from the time of action. A good movie must fit into its time period. I do not like films on wars that were made sixty years after the event. And I hate today's American movie stars acting as Stauffenberg or as a good corporal in the Vietnam war. Ridiculous ! Therefore I think one of the best movies seen in its relevance to its time is 'The Third Man.'
Made in 1949 it showed how people really lived and what circumstances they were influenced by, not how they are to be seen from today. It is a beautiful black-and-white movie with a wonderful cither tune, that I think should belong to the 'Hall of Fame' of movie heritage. It is worth being watched again to feel the mysteries of the post war period, which we otherwise judge only from our today's point of view.

14 Jul 2011 19:03

Truly Madly Deeply

Truly Madly Deeply - though not as well known as others, is a wonderful British movie (ft Alan Rickman) that can be watched over and over again.

I would also add ALL versions of Little Women!

26 Jul 2011 17:39


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26 Jul 2011 19:13


Usual Suspects simples!

27 Jul 2011 02:42


> what has relevance got to do with anything?

nothing. it's irrelevant.

27 Jul 2011 09:31


I think the whole post is pretty ridiculous considering it is all subjective, but then you said this, "A good movie must fit into its time period."


29 Jul 2011 12:03

As far as I've watched....

It's Forrest Gump.

12 Oct 2011 03:29

Bollywood Movie

For me it's a movie called "Veer Zaara", but it's Bollywood. lol

12 Oct 2011 05:40


Wizard of Oz

I've watched it at least once a year for 37 years and it's still interesting.

27 Oct 2011 16:19

best movie

the best movie of all times is seperate affairs. check dat out

29 Oct 2011 12:12

have you seen whats eating greland grape

johny depp was awesome and so is caprio

29 Oct 2011 17:23


30 Oct 2011 23:39


as drama = La vita e Bella
as romance = The Notebook
as fantastic/ sci-fi = Inception

I would say for my part.

31 Oct 2011 01:01


Oh my oldest son 1 loves The Notebook lol ...hes a really mans man too lol but he loves it all the same. My fav romance is Pride & Prejudice hands down, and my best drama would be hmm.....Ghandi probably even tho its years since ive seen it - oh and a Amadeus. Action would be The expendables, and sci fi - my fav genre of all, would be ....hmm...thats hard lol...i love so many, but avatar, inception, omg the list goes on and on lol. Lets not forget Twilight too lol......I friggin loved the books and the movies too. I know I know, lame but there you have it hehe