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what is the best movie of all time

31 Oct 2011 01:23


Highlander is definitely the best movie of all time.


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31 Oct 2011 02:53

what is the best movie of all time

white chicks is the funniest movie ever!!

31 Oct 2011 15:00


romance has got to be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Inception was really good, but for that category I'd probably go with 12 Monkeys or Children of Men

31 Oct 2011 20:32


As a true vampire fan, I hate Twilight just because shining under the sun thing is silly. What kind of a demonic creature can shine under the sun? D: My favorite vampire movie is "The Interview with a Vampire" so far. But watching Twilight too anyway :p

31 Oct 2011 20:41


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was a great movie and is one of my favorites but I dont like the idea of trying to forget what happened to run away from your pain. I'm more into facing it and fighting for what I want as long as I know I can and should.

31 Oct 2011 22:14


black is an awesome movie also from Bollywood.

01 Nov 2011 01:41


I don't think the movie really glorified that path, but most people that have been in love and lost it would agree that at some point afterwards they wanted to forget the pain. It's a concept most viewers can relate with and for that I thought it was one of the best depictions of lost love and regret in cinema.

01 Nov 2011 03:55


Romance - Breakfast At Tiffanys
Sci- Fi/ Fantasy - Back to the Future
Drama - The Shawshank Redemption

01 Nov 2011 14:57

Back to the Future

I'm not sure if I would categorize that under sci-fi, comedy or 80's epicness.

02 Nov 2011 04:58


I think it's a little but of all 3 :D

03 Nov 2011 20:17


Actually I'm changing drama to Worlds Greatest Dad ♥ that movie!

03 Nov 2011 20:54


That one I put under dark comedy, but still a gem. =D

03 Nov 2011 22:19


It's a good bit dramatic though! yea I don't think that film could get any better!

03 Nov 2011 23:06


I just love that it's one ironic tear into American culture.

03 Nov 2011 23:16


I wouldn't say it's just American

03 Nov 2011 23:19


True enough. this damn internet has corrupted everyone!!!

03 Nov 2011 23:24


I blame lolcats!

03 Nov 2011 23:42


I blame pussy too!!

04 Nov 2011 00:19


That's why you love wieners ;)

04 Nov 2011 00:59


I think we are slowly seeing how heterosexuals can accidently come out of the closet strictly from euphemisms and sarcasm.