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: Hangover 2
24 Dec 2011 04:02

Hangover 2

I just watched the movie , OMG loved it ..soooo funny !!!

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24 Dec 2011 15:34


It was a dissapointing movie, well most sequels are anyway

SinThaSizah ♂
Tom from Roosendaal, Netherlands
25 Dec 2011 01:16


I did enjoy it, but it was just more of the same stuff they did in the last movie.

*kellie* ♀
26 Dec 2011 16:04


And I've just heard they have confirmed a third one...

SinThaSizah ♂
Tom from Roosendaal, Netherlands
27 Dec 2011 22:53


for a third movie they seriously need to come up with a different reason they forgot all the crazy stuff they did lol

31 Dec 2011 03:03


Reply to Agreed.. by *kellie*

greedy bastards

*kellie* ♀
31 Dec 2011 03:29


Reply to well by SinThaSizah

There was a bit in the second movie where the chubby guy was going on and on about 'would we still be friends in London?' or something. I remember turning to my hubby (before the third film was announced) and saying.. I bet that's where a third one will be set.. so, who knows. :)