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Irish Music :)

14 Nov 2011 19:21

Irish Music :)

Christy moore, Damien Dempsey, The Wolfetones, The Furys, The Cranberrys... who do u like?

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14 Nov 2011 20:22


Buck-o-Nine - Drink and Fight
Youtube - Video

15 Nov 2011 01:02


mmmmm... Guinness *licking lips*

Wish I had one of those right now.


I like the Celtic sound, mostly the old folk music.

Denis Leary - Traditional Irish Folk Song
Youtube - Video

ok... now, seriously... more like this:

Irish Folk Music (Bailando Band)
Youtube - Video

15 Nov 2011 02:45


Ryan Sheridan, Hogan, The Coronas, Two Door Cinema Club & Damien Rice

16 Nov 2011 05:58

irish music

little musgrave by planxty live!, the kesh jig by the bothy band, raglan road sang by luke kelly or anything sang by luke kelly for that matter, and courtin in the kitchen by the clancy brothers and tommy makem is an absolute gem!

23 Nov 2011 17:08

Thats Hungarian!

but feel likes Irish!

Paddy And The Rats - Freedom
Youtube - Video

23 Nov 2011 17:42


i just check out them paddy n d rats!! there deadly!

20 Dec 2011 00:05


I'm not really into Irish music, but I like the Irish one-euro coin with the Celtic harp on it.

24 Dec 2011 12:20

Roving Crows

saw the Roving Crows recently and they are very good, with strong Irish influences.