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Norway black metal and "weather"

02 Dec 2011 13:40

Norway black metal and "weather"

I can't help wondering why Black Metal music had such strong development in a well ordered country such as Norway. It might seem like a commonplace, but maybe there is a kind of relationship between Music and society in which the music is expressed or played.

For instance, Italy or Spain are well known for their pop music, whereas northen european countries seem to be fond of Metal and some of its derived forms (especially the most extreme ones). (Rammstein=Germany, or Mayhem, Gorgoroth=Norway, Carnage, Nihilish=Sweden) But the list is far longer.

And not only can you find it in music, but even in graphic art. Think, for instance of Edvard Munch: he's one of the most talented painter of the past century, and their pictures are always loaded with dark and threatening colors.

So, according to your empiric experience, could it exist a possible relationship between Music and societis? and if it is so, why is it so? Should we blame it on the weather? is it possible that weather might influence your way of thinking and expressing yourself? Like using darker colours and playing a specific kind of music?

Let me know what you think

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07 Dec 2011 06:02


i think your right dude i love black metal but progressive metal rules man

17 Dec 2011 20:15


seems like a reasonable conclusion. there is a ton of psychology involved with weather, societal conditioning and music so it would make sense to see these things intertwine as you hypothesized. also, the effects on the psyche of being deprived of sunlight is well documented, and i'm assuming that they don't get allot of sun from where they are sitting on the map.

18 Dec 2011 22:11

Norway black metal and "weather"

Well lets just say us scandinavians ROCK THIS WORLD ! ;)

I do however not think it could be blamed on the weather since we got awesome weather. We have alot of sunny days in a year.

I have no idea what makes scandinavia so fond of metal music,but i don't blame the weather.
Though "in" our country's we are also known for pop music. But they suck at it so it never really gets that big to go international.

Also we have smaller population. Sweden for example has ca: 9 million people,wich is like the same ammount that lives in london. And norway has like half the population of what sweden has.
Maybe it has a little to do with that.

I think the competition isn't that big as it is in other country's like US,where it is probablly thousands of metal bands that are only famous in their state of US because the competition is too big and they prob isn't as good as some other bands that do get big. (like slayer for example)

Thats my theory's.. maybe im a little right or im completely wrong :)

19 Dec 2011 01:52


Maybe it's a primal thing. High energy, sometimes frightening music has been part of the culture since the beginning. Can you imagine the vikings sailing to battle, fighting and pillaging conquered lands to Justin Beiber? I think not.

19 Dec 2011 19:10


To be honest I think any country who sees a mighty fleet coming towards them, blaring out Beibers latest hit would just give up there and then. I know I would run for the hills. :P