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Queen Of Pop?

12 Dec 2011 02:32

Queen Of Pop?

To you, whos the best pop start out right now between
'Lady Gaga'
and 'Britney Spears'

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12 Dec 2011 11:32


If I have to choose in between, Lady Gaga. At least she has a voice can be considered as a good one.

Kesha shouldnt even be in the list, Rihanna is all about nudity and Britney Spears is a cliche.

13 Dec 2011 02:59


Out of all those my favourite is Ke$ha I just love her songs, always make me happy
I like Rihanna too especially her last 2 albums
I only liked Lady Gagas first album, she actually annoys me now
& Britney although she's getting her career back on track her best album for me will always be the one everybody hates Blackout

15 Dec 2011 05:23


None of the above

29 Dec 2011 13:54


none of the above, sorry,
I'm a bit old-school perhaps, but Queen of Pop...for some reason I've always thought it to be Janet Jackson. Why?
1) for her diversity in songs
2) her constant change in style
3) her sex-appeal (cannot deny that to be an important part)
4) her impressive dancing skills
5) for always entertaining shows
6) and at the same time her ability to stay shy (notable during interviews) :D

29 Dec 2011 14:08

right she is shy

showing her tit with justin timberlake ....

29 Dec 2011 15:34


If I had to pick from the list I would have to say Lady gaga, however, the Queen of pop for me has always been Kylie Minogue :D right from when I was about 10 years old.

29 Dec 2011 15:37


lady gaga is a joke. she tries to hard to be a freak. she is nothing but someones marketing disaster. ke$ha is naturally trashy and i like her.

29 Dec 2011 18:07


i agree with xanax for me it's Ke$ha

31 Dec 2011 03:08


Michael Jackson will always be the queen of pop (and in music there is only one king, its Elvis).

02 Jan 2012 00:03


duh lady gaga

04 Jan 2012 06:42

michel jakson

he was a dude

04 Jan 2012 07:12

I don't recall...

...seeing Janet in that list? I do agree with you, Janet would be my pick for sure.

04 Jan 2012 11:34

On your phone again?

I think she agreed with you, as in none of the above lol, or perhaps your still in your holiday mode :P
Yes, I think Janet Jackson should be on that list, cause I vote her!

04 Jan 2012 17:37


opic: michel jakson
written by: Tzippy12
Date: 04 Jan 2012 06:42

he was a dude

06 Jan 2012 10:53


If you listen closely to the music you can make it out as a female, Seriously the long hair wasn't good enough for you?

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