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Tasha, aka Me. Uprising Singer/Songwriter

15 Dec 2011 18:29

Tasha, aka Me. Uprising Singer/Songwriter

I get called the next Avril Lavigne due to my sound and style. I also get called the next Ke$ha all the time. It's a pleasure to be compared to them, but honstly I'm my own person.
I'm a new singer and songwriter, I'm yet signed to a record lable, but I am a celebrity ccording to SpinChat. I have a viriatly of songs I am writing. I will post the lyrics as soon as I can.
Love you and thanks for the support. I love my fans. I'll keep you guys posted as much as I can on my rise to stardom. I thank you all from the bottem of my heart.

Love, Love, Love,
Tasha Elise Fields

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15 Dec 2011 18:59


15 Dec 2011 19:22


Hmmm indeed!

Didn't know spinchat verified anything....

15 Dec 2011 20:17


I think they verify that every member is crazy in some way or another.

15 Dec 2011 23:00


What's a "viriatly" and how about posting a song instead of just the lyrics ?

18 Dec 2011 07:38


I never knew writing that spin verified that you're a celebrity makes it true!

18 Dec 2011 12:37


Its a chat site, not facebook or twitter, no fans but abusement here. run now and save your celebrity ass as soon as possible O_O

29 Dec 2011 16:19


ive never really met a celebrity on spinchat. how does one get spin to verify a celebrity account. and since xmas has come and gone, where are your songs?? you could be the next Rebecca Black if we are all lucky.

29 Dec 2011 16:27


That was exactly my dilemma dubberzz! However I was highly amused :-P 1

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