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: A McDonalds commercial
finaldrive ♂
from Canada
28 Dec 2011 23:24

A McDonalds commercial

yes McDonalds!! ... terrific song ... sure pleasantly surprised me when MickeyDees used it

Big Black Car
Youtube - Video

Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov
Album: This Empty Northern Hemisphere

you were a phonograph, i was a kid
i sat with an ear close, just listening
i was there when the rain tapped her way down you face
you were a miracle…i was just holdin your space

well time has a way of throwing it all in your face
the past, she is haunted, the future is laced
heartbreak, ya know, drives a big black car
swear i was in the back seat, just minding my own

and through the glass, the corn crows come like rain
they won’t stay, they won’t stay
for too long now

this could be all that we know..
of love and all.

well you were a dancer, i was a rag
the song in my head, well was all that i had
hope was a letter i never could send
love was a country we couldn’t defend.

and through the carnival we watch them go round and round
all we knew of home was just a sunset and some clowns

well you were a magazine, i was a plane jane
just walking the sidewalks all covered in rain
love to just get into one of your stories
just me and all of my plane jane glory

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dubberzz ♂
Rob from The city of wind (Illinois)
28 Dec 2011 23:51

Gregory Alan Isakov

Always a quality listen

29 Dec 2011 00:23


What a beautiful song!

I'm glad the commercial used it, or you wouldn't have posted here and I might have never found it on my own, and I hope McD's doesn't ruin it by bastardizing it in their commercial.


29 Dec 2011 10:48


> yes McDonalds!! ... terrific song ... sure pleasantly
> surprised me when MickeyDees used it

I always cringe when I hear an old song that I like being used in a commercial.

dubberzz ♂
Rob from The city of wind (Illinois)
29 Dec 2011 19:55


Me too. Luckily I haven't seen the commercial its in. I watch very little TV, so I have limited access to those types of advertisements.

On the other hand though, I do enjoy when I'm watching a film or show and they play something new that I enjoy.
Just a few of the bands that I found out about via movies/tv shows
TV on the Radio (ironically)
The Mountain Goats
Budos Band
The Negro Problem/Stew

**ArchAngel** ♂
31 Jan 2012 00:00

mc dees song

awesome song totally buying that album!

dubberzz ♂
Rob from The city of wind (Illinois)
01 Feb 2012 15:33

I have a hard time

relating this song to a company that that serves "unedible" beef trimmings infused with ammonia to unsuspecting customers.

01 Feb 2012 19:51


Testify brother!