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: Music that "puts you in the mood"
31 Dec 2011 04:59

Music that "puts you in the mood"

I'm guessing this has probably been done before, but not since I've been here. So I'm open to anything... old, new, any genre, any songs that "get you in the mood"

Sorry I don't have one to start this off with. I can't think of any, that's why I need your suggestions.

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31 Dec 2011 05:29


Well I love these guys and this song never fails to put me in the mood ; )

Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love To You
Youtube - Video

31 Dec 2011 05:45


I remember them! :)
I don't think they are together any more.

31 Dec 2011 05:56


oh thats a shame, they harmonize so beautifully

dubberzz ♂
Rob from The city of wind (Illinois)
31 Dec 2011 08:21


doesn't put me in the mood.
There is music that I do think is sexy though.

Almost anything by Portishead
Massive Attack
Lot of Bonobo stuff
Nightmares on Wax
Billie Holiday
Nina Simone
Latin house music
Any deep house and garage music

and of course

cowgirl18 ♀
Lori Ann from Amarillo (Texas)
31 Dec 2011 21:03

music that puts u in t

Any thing by Andre Reui'

31 Dec 2011 22:46


Good choices. Especially the first 3... and I'm always up for some Prince :)

01 Jan 2012 09:59


love songs , soft rock, romantic songs are by far th best categories..It lets you get into a cool,sensuous mood..I like it though..

02 Jan 2012 17:08

Found one

Buddy Guy - What Kinda Woman Is This

03 Jan 2012 01:08


marvin gaye....sexual healing...enuf said

killara ♀

dubberzz ♂
Rob from The city of wind (Illinois)
03 Jan 2012 11:01


> It makes me jump around.

I don't think that's the "mood" the thread is looking for. ;-)

03 Jan 2012 14:22


Aerosmith - Jaded
Foo Fighters - The Pretender
System of A Down - Vicinity Of Obscenity
The Offspring - Pay the Man
The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

just a few :o

03 Jan 2012 16:15


Those are great high energy songs, but they don't have much of a sexual energy to them. I think my thread is getting confused with Irishsue's thread: Song That Puts You In A Good Mood :)
Or maybe I should've been more forward about the wording of the threads title?


killara ♀
07 Jan 2012 12:28


Yeah, I was meant to post that on the other mood thread, but ended up here? Lol That's what you get for having a billion tabs open.

dubberzz ♂
Rob from The city of wind (Illinois)
07 Jan 2012 20:20


Done the same thing more than a few times ;-)


11 Jan 2012 15:55

my mood song

OMG not just me but my BF use 2 go nuts over this song 2 (plezz note not the whole song n an anime video) =^~^=

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