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Taylor swift _ you are not sorry

14 Jan 2012 12:52

Taylor swift _ you are not sorry

Taylor Swift - You're Not Sorry - ACM Awards 2009
Youtube - Video

I may watch this video over and over and never be enough for me , I like her face and her feelings when she sings this song.
some people told me that she must do that cause it's suppose to be mixed with the song , but I don't think so
she means every word and every letter in the song !!

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15 Jan 2012 14:23


this is not worth a thread.....

15 Jan 2012 19:12

Right ..

You are right ,, It doesn't worth a thread ..

16 Jan 2012 18:41

i think

i think that is a fake piano and she really isnt playing it. actually she looks fake too. like an ugly manequin

16 Jan 2012 18:48

LOL !!

LOL ,, you hate her that much OMG !!!