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: share your favorite folk song.
23 Jan 2012 21:38

share your favorite folk song.

we can't go back in time , we cant fully understand how it was like centuries ago. but i think folk music can absolutely make us feel like the people then.we can feel for them.
noone knows who composed the folk songs.im not sure only one composed it. it was just a melody in the begining but the folk retouched it everytime they sing during decades which makes these folk songs perfect. Folk music posseses the happiness ,sorrow, excitement , despair of the ones before you. may be thats why its the only kind of music that can pull at your heartstrings easily.
enough of preach :) , i wonder whats your favorite folk song if you re interested in folk music. here is one of my favorite turkish folk music

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25 Jan 2012 05:04


This is my favourite Scottish folk song sang by my favourite Irish folk singer. Enjoy :)

Christy Moore - Black Is The Colour
Youtube - Video

25 Jan 2012 05:48

Woody Guthrie - Car Song ;D

Woody Guthrie - Car Song
Youtube - Video

25 Jan 2012 11:08


thank you for the song :) which is really soothing . when it comes to scottish folk music, this occurs to me! i like this song, its so full of energy

20 Feb 2012 00:08

folk music

i worked for several yrs in a turkish resto. i came to love the music, as it played in the kitchen day and nite. thanks for the memory and links. very nice :)

20 Feb 2012 08:38


you 're very wellcome :)) i hope that they played nice pieces of turkish music

21 Feb 2012 20:10


hawai'i Aloha is very good!

21 Feb 2012 22:22


hawai'i Aloha is very good!

Israel Kamakawiwi'ole didn't write it, but he definitely does it justice. You may have heard this from him. It's one of his most well known covers.

OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole
Youtube - Video

21 Feb 2012 23:20

folk music

thanks for the link. love it!

22 Feb 2012 00:08


The Imagined Village performing 'Cold, haily, rainy night'

Eliza Carthy singing The Rolling Sea

Anne Briggs singing The Time Has Come

Bert Jansch singing The Tree Song

22 Feb 2012 07:44


you're wellcome :)

22 Feb 2012 08:12


i know this song but havent heard this cover before .its very beatifully sung by him. it makes u want to listen to it over and over :)

22 Feb 2012 14:58

Bruce Penninsula

Takes on an identity comparable to old American folk and spirituals.

Rosie I have no words for the ominous and despairing effect the drone in this song has on me.

Shanty Song

22 Feb 2012 21:15

for you

its not actually folk song but it a timeless song that s played in turkish restaurants so often.i hope you enjoy :)

22 Feb 2012 23:06


nice! loved it

24 Feb 2012 03:27


I don't know how we found each other, but I get to hear all of his folk music as it emerges. :)


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