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VH1 classic's america's 100 hardblackorkid418 Aug 2014
Punk rock rockabilly metal scene houston txBootBoy131 Jul 2014
The Best Drummers in MetalSeaTurtle1317 Jul 2014
DUBSTEP!dubberzz302 Jul 2014
Eternal songskimpster2130 Jun 2014
Original SongwritersStonSol201 Jun 2014
Dubstep music all the way!SkullChick20721 May 2014
Midi keyboards and softwarePsy.605 May 2014
Asian Poprabbit8813202 May 2014
Songs that gives you chills!TheWickedOne6209 Apr 2014
hard rock (metallica)junkysoul902 Apr 2014
hellosaid230 Mar 2014
ZZ TOP....what can i say..i love rock:)Peter-Pan-Syndrome819 Mar 2014
Free VIP if someone can help me recall a songHitsurume112 Mar 2014
Screamocaitybugz4205 Mar 2014
Justin Bieber: Prince or Wuss?? YOU decide!Swarthy1805 Mar 2014
RIP Paco de Lucia Sandra127 Feb 2014
International songs anybody?Anja1415 Feb 2014
favourite LADY GAGA song kimpster1012 Feb 2014
Black metal legionsashame1907 Feb 2014
Recommended metal albumsSeaTurtle3229 Jan 2014
One Direction......redrum723 Jan 2014
Blue ChristmasPsy.422 Dec 2013
Talent Show ContestantsPsy.2119 Dec 2013
back again with my musichis_dudeness1018 Dec 2013


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