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Painful Game

24 Jan 2012 08:54

Painful Game

I move in at a young age
That was the day when the ‘family game’ began
We pretended to be one happy family
At first I was lost
I tried to love and care but all that did was hurt me
Make you happy but you were disgusted
Outside you smiled, hugged me….cared
But then you turned around and pushed me when no one looked
All of you
I had no one and I wanted to die
Why live when no one wanted you there?
Then I closed my eyes and played the game with you guys
I smiled, laughed and said “I am not just fine, I am GREAT”
Inside, when no one looked we pretended as well
But we all felt it
Along with my heart, my feeling went into a cage…locked away
I became a shell
Why feel when it hurts?
Now you want to get to know me
Too late
I won’t open my heart to you
Stop! You’re making a fool out of yourself
I would rather die then open my heart to you
To anyone
We been playing the game too long
Now we have to finish it

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