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: happy ending?
09 Feb 2012 10:43

happy ending?

They say they know you and you know them because of the years you spent together
Picture perfect person, with love in your heart and is very obedient
But all you’re doing is showing them what they want to see and they do the same to you
Nothing else
Just making them happy so that there won’t be any problems
And with that…..
They trust you because they haven’t seen YOU
They treat you so kind because they have too
They smile for you because they don’t want you to see the disgust in their eyes
As you smile for them so that they think you fine and dandy
But you go to your room and pretend to sleep and then sneak out to be with your friends
The night is young and your escape from ugly world that lies ahead
And if you show your true feelings to THEM it could turn around and bit you
For I have already been bitten because I was a fool who wanted love
Don’t take my word though
Everybody is different
It might turn out to be a happy ending for you

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09 Feb 2012 21:16


You seem like you have lived life b4 your age and understood people .. I liked every and each word of your poem ..
Great job ..

10 Feb 2012 05:30


Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment and yes you can say that, that has been my childhood life