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04 Nov 2011 01:12

Ipod touch 4g

so bored,i might get a new ipod touch 4g for christmas,i really hope i do,can't u text people on an ipod touch?

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04 Nov 2011 01:39


I heard the internet has Google. Not sure though, I've never been on the internet.

04 Nov 2011 01:41


Reply to Ipod touch 4g by faveperson

iPods are music players, it doesn't have a slot for a sim-card.
It does have WiFi.

04 Nov 2011 03:23


i wasn't asking if it had internet,i was asking if u culd text on it

04 Nov 2011 03:41


He answered you in detail.

04 Nov 2011 03:47


Reply to hey by faveperson

If by texting you mean SMS, then no it cannot since it's not a phone (does not have a sim-card).

It does have WiFi, so you can send use the internet for SMS services (like through your own mobile phone's provider page, if they offer it).

07 Nov 2011 00:15


Reply to Ipod touch 4g by faveperson

I've heard about texting apps?
I doubt that they work though.

07 Nov 2011 01:40


i decided i don't even want an ipod touch thingy,i'm going to ask for a new phone=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Tracfone-LG-500G-P4-DM-PDA/16645392#rr

18 Nov 2012 13:34


Reply to hmm.. by Imperfection

hey there
of course not
if u mean speech to text apps then u r completely thinking wrong.u know they are working but not that good
like that u have to tell the words very carefully and loud and most of the times that u need it ,it wont work:)