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android applikation

19 Oct 2012 06:57

android applikation

helluuu everyone :-)
as i do in this moment i mostly use my android smartphone to be online at apinchat.com.....

since i experience problems with buttonhitbox even with the biggest smartphone of market. . the galaxy note 1
i wonder weather we get an android app for spinchat.com with mobile mode and chat mode?

i hope some day we gonna get such an app :-)

yours sincerely

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18 Nov 2012 13:31


yea who knows.maybe some day it did ,']
but hey i ve never had problems with note1 .although i dont have it
my friends do
then wait for the note2.its awesome:)

21 Feb 2013 17:20


dont think thats needed, can see a Rss-feeds button down right bottom of every boards page. Download any Rss to android app and link it here. believe it be as good as native app