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29 Jul 2011 10:23


I've read most of the books that all of you mentioned above, but in Burmese translations only. My English can't that much catch up.

My favourite book is Desiree: The First Love of Napoleon by Annemarie Selinko.
It's about a very courageous young woman who witnessed the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. Enchantingly breath-taking! <3

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13 Aug 2011 19:32


Steppenwolf - Hermann Hesse

28 Aug 2011 19:10

Pride n Pre

I keep saying I'm going to read it.. it was even free for kindle but kept forgetting to check it out... I'm going to for real now lol.. feel free to check back with me. I get distracted sometimes ;)

28 Aug 2011 19:15

Malcom Gladwell

The last good book I read was called Blink By Malcom Gladwell..

"This book talks about the decisions that we are able to formulate in the blink of an eye. The decisions that most people would think would take months to conclude can just as accurately take three minutes, with the right data and experience, to conclude. This rapid formulation of an opinion is called thin slicing, where someone uses their past experiences and expertise to form an opinion."

It opened my eyes to how I think and form opinions about others in the blink of an eye. Almost all of us do this. It can be helpful and harmful of course.. Anyway great book if you like books on human behavior, psychology etc..I love those type books and autobiographies of interesting (not so famous people).. any suggestions?

05 Sep 2011 19:10


That's a difficult question... One I did like a lot was one I read when I was 14... Something like .. "My fire burns in the land of the falling waters" Yup, long title. Was a story about a girl that got taken by the native americans and how she learned to live with them. True story too apparently. Made me think about a few things.

Rainer M. Schröder was the author.

19 Sep 2011 17:29

Fave Books: The Magus, John Fowles

The Collector is crazy book. I liked Fowles' The Magus. Intense, mind-fuc% type of book.

Good Omens is a crack up. The demon with a bentley, and neither he nor the angel want the end to come. That's just brilliant!

But my favorite is Death on The Installment Plan, by Celine. Crazy stream of conscious type prose flow. Way before Bukowski, or Kerouack..

22 Sep 2011 00:17


makes me depressive...

22 Sep 2011 20:30


A book has to be really good to keep my attention, of course I ( mostly ) read Dutch translated books. But thir origin is English .

My top three is:

-"Around the world in 80 days" by Jules Verne.
I got that book from my grandfather when I was twelve. It was so hard to understand, 6 months later I tried reading it again. It was marvelous.

-"Treasure Island" by Sir Arthur Connan Doyle.
Just a nice, smooth story.

-"The Day after tomorrow" by Alan Folsom.
I've read this book on my first holiday without parents, in Uganda. Such a complicated, but logical masterpiece!

Now I'm trying to combine college with "Thr hunt for the red October"

Enjoy your books!!!
Bram 16
The Netherlands

23 Sep 2011 00:24


I only got around to reading Around the World in 80 Days earlier this year. I found a battered old copy in a cafe with a small selection of second-hand books. Cost about £2.

I think I saw a tv version years ago, but had forgotten most of the details. It was great. I opened it randomly at the chapter with the Mormon missionary on the train. I started reading it from there and finished the chapter, then read it from the beginning in a few days.

31 Oct 2011 00:52


my fav books are the twilight series

31 Oct 2011 01:08


I completely forgot about them, - they are one of my favs too 1....and Diana Gabaldon's outlander series - I loved that series. I even named my last son Jamie after the hero of the book lol.

03 Dec 2011 05:53


I think I'm going to have to second Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game"

I've read that book at least 5 times already...

As for non fiction, probably "The Great War for Civilisation" by Robert Fisk.

03 Dec 2011 06:26

Ender's Game:)


03 Dec 2011 07:45


Ive actually never read Enders Game! I've always intended on it, but never got to it. My boyfriend just finished like all the books tied to Enders Game, which I swear was like 11 books... So now I'm intrigued!

10 Dec 2011 05:31

Ender's Game sequels

The first two books in the series (Ender's Game and Speaker for the dead) are worth reading, but after that, the series kinda loses the spark that made the first two so great.

12 Dec 2011 20:19

Love love love books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in love with books too!
Love love love them!

16 Dec 2011 02:31

Best Book ever!

The best book is Once a girl always a girl! Loved it will always remember is! Please read it to!

18 Dec 2011 06:56

Hero of our Time

Hero of our Time is a fantastic and enjoyable read. I always give that to my friends that are intimidated by Russian Lit (along with Gogol's the Nose and the Overcoat) to get them warmed up before I throw in the Nabakov, Dostoe, Tolstoy and Solzhenisyn,

Love Fowles! Collector was fantastic ... the emotional manipulation of the reader is fantastic. Magus was a book that I loved the start, struggled with the middle and was totally capitivated by the last 1/3.

My favorite books list would be at least 20 books long but if I had to choose one book that I was forced to read over and over, I would choose Brothers Karamazov; of if I was punishing myself, I would take Finnegan's Wake in hopes that I would eventually understand it all

23 Dec 2011 18:36

fav book

Outlander by Diana Gabadalion or something. Unbelievable book!!!!

23 Dec 2011 18:37

Very Cool Tracy!!!!

Outlander is my fave book and how cool you named your son Jamie