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: With or Without?
28 Dec 2011 21:26

With or Without?

I've heard men comment that they like the way a woman looks without make-up better than with it. The subject came up again, while hanging with my friends, and it sparked a huge debate about whether they really mean what they say or not, is it just women trying to live up to what Hollywood portrays as beautiful and men really hate it, or is that just a nice way to say "your make-up looks like crap".

Here are some quick pics of women with and without:






Your opinion?

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28 Dec 2011 21:35


without, it's cleaner and more natural. Always. Btw, the first picture you gave wasn't exactly fair game. The picture without make-up was awful because her hair was greasy.

28 Dec 2011 21:36


All those pictures show the left side without make up looking depressed. Seems like they need make up to feel good. How sad.

28 Dec 2011 22:01


while hanging with my friends,
while hanging

I lol'd.

Anyways, how about a picture of you without make up? The material you gave isn't 'objective' enough, since they're bad pictures in general.

28 Dec 2011 22:20


I don't think I have any pics with no make-up at all. I usually wear at least a bit of mascara. I'll think about a with or without pic demo though, I think it would be fun.

28 Dec 2011 22:53

IT all depends

on the face it is covering.
Although I would never judge on side by side comparison pictures from the internet. I don't know the cintext in which those pictures were taken, but by the look of the Jessica Alba one they were supposed to skew favor towards w/makeup.

If I'm attracted to a woman though I prefer her to wear little to no makeup. I think it says more about the woman's personality than it does about her appearance.

29 Dec 2011 00:21


mm alba and holes with and without, but if you're gonna have your photo taken every other minute of the day ,some will surely be unflattering.. , i've had 8 am classes where iv've seen some of the fittest girls look like they've just took a beating because your face is a tad swollen after sleep and their breath smells like ass , fast forward a few hours and they look great..

29 Dec 2011 01:40


I think some of those without pics are meant to be as unflattering as possible. I have seen Penelope without make-up before and she didn't look like that. Overall they look fine to me. Well, except Kirstin Dunst, but I never did understand her appeal.
As for myself, pretty much the only times I ever wear make-up are when I'm getting a portrait done or am going on a date with my husband. My husband doesn't care if I wear it or not (or so he says), but he hates it if any transfers onto him. I do almost always wear sunscreen and chapstick though, if that counts. I do like wearing make-up though. I'm not a big fan of my face, so it's nice to cover it up every now and then :D

29 Dec 2011 01:51


What's wrong with your face?

29 Dec 2011 02:31


I quite like seeing these actresses without make-up. Even though I think the photos are meant to be unflattering as possible most of the girls still look very pretty to me.

As for myself, I prefer not to wear make-up on a day to day basis because a) it screws up my skin regardless of the fact I take it off before bed and b) when I do go out and make the effort, I look different and 'scrubbed up'. Plus, after a shift at work, panda eyes ain't the prettiest of looks :P

29 Dec 2011 03:08


29 Dec 2011 03:48


well, I tried to pick picks that didn't seem like they were trying to purposely make the women look like crap, but at least Beyonce is smiling. I think most women feel a little more confident with their make-up on though.

29 Dec 2011 04:00


That seems to be the consensus, but is there a difference in preference if the woman is a stranger you are considering approaching? It seems when men are looking at women to consider striking a conversation with, they usually choose one with more make-up. Is it a draw if the woman is more made up? Then once in a relationship he prefers her to tone it down?

29 Dec 2011 04:28


It seems when men are looking at
women to consider striking a conversation with, they
usually choose one with more make-up. Is it a draw if the
woman is more made up? Then once in a relationship he
prefers her to tone it down?

I'm not sure. All of that is subconscious to me. I look, I like, I talk. Whether there is makeup or not is irrelevant. Although, I guess I could see the draw. It's the same concept as the peacock tail. Tattoo artist goes for the chick with all the tattoos. Hardcore punk guy goes for the girl with the mohawk or shaved head. I suppose make up is the same way. Hippies will go for the girl with no makeup and the guido will go for the girl that looks like a raccoon.

I am pretty oblivious to the whole thing. I don't notice toe and fingernails and will not notice a change in makeup unless it's a drastic one. I think I would be turned off by too much makeup before I was turned off by not enough. I don't like foundation and think it's sort of gross when a woman uses a roller to put it on and I hate anything on my lips like chapstick, gloss or lipstick, so kissing becomes an issue. Not that I wont kiss a woman because of those things, but I just hate that goopy feeling on my lips. Luckily mine don't get too dry so I don't need to use any of that on myself..

29 Dec 2011 04:44


There is nothing wrong with your face!
You look like a porcelain doll. Do you know how many women would kill for fair skin like yours?

29 Dec 2011 05:44


I don't care what anyone says, I think EVERYONE can benefit from a tiny bit of concealer and mascara. I find it ridiculous to think that no make up is better than tasteful enhancement. I know for sure I look a billion times better with something on my face as opposed to nothing.

I often mix very little make up and a "little extra" (usually something with my eyes) and I always get major compliments when I go out of my way to cover all bases.

Some women do have gorgeous features naturally, sure. But I have no doubt that some concealer around her nose and eyes with a single coat of mascara will make her look livelier and even more appealing.

29 Dec 2011 05:49


you like semantics a little too much

29 Dec 2011 07:15


I suppose there's nothing actually wrong with my face. It isn't scarred up or anything. I think I've always just compared myself to others, unfortunately.

29 Dec 2011 07:18


I think women would not kill for skin like mine if they had the constant threat of sunburn to worry about. Also, I've never had a tan, even once in my life. It's just impossible for me, which is too bad, because I am so curious to know how I'd look with one!

29 Dec 2011 07:20


now and thens fine, but I know idiot females that slap it on
if they so much as have to go to a hospital cause they are sick.

Its rediculous as an all the time thing.

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