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With or Without?

29 Dec 2011 07:24


never considered a spray tan? not an at home job, get a pro spray tan.

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29 Dec 2011 07:39


____ with makeup, and be ____ without it.

With four possible outcomes, it's just a real guessing game as to what each man says or thinks about this issue until this has been solved for the female in question and the man's preferences. It's difficult to know if he's being honest because the authenticity is reflected in the answer given, either it be true or false based on weighing the possible consequences of each answer.

You need to stop pulling up threads and making posts using such narrow references into a broad subject. Asking "Do men like it when girls wear makeup?" won't get you anywhere. If you're going to do that use Yahoo Answers so all the little girls of the world will learn. Hahaha

@Doll, obviously minor things done in the right way can enhance the elegance/glow of a female, but we're all under the assumption of major changes in appearance here(perhaps just I am) and the fact many girls don't do their makeup well just adds to the confusion. Otherwise said, we don't need your verification on the things we(mostly) already agree upon.

29 Dec 2011 07:52

Does it

upset you?

29 Dec 2011 08:07


Are we all under that assumption??? The technique used to enhance the person is application of makeup. This thread keeps saying "without makeup." Most would say they prefer a natural look using makeup as opposed to the extreme of "caking on makeup." so you're saying this thread was actually meant to ask that or something similar? ("do men prefer natural looking makeup or dolled up looking makeup?" well, der...

29 Dec 2011 08:09


I'm sorry.

I can't respond to your request right now.

Please don't leave a message after the insult.

(you're dumb)

29 Dec 2011 08:16


Or when going to the gym to work out. Or to run to the grocery store. Be glad you don't live near. You'd see my ugly mug at anywhere with no make up on my days off. Scurry!

29 Dec 2011 08:35


not at all. Its stupid to see females getting all glammed up just to complete
mundane tasks.

29 Dec 2011 09:33

I agree

Every woman benefits from a little concealer, a bit of mascara and possibly a dash of blush, no matter how naturally beautiful they are. It's also a given that one doesn't need to put it on for a quick run to the supermarket, but I personally would not go to the office without a bit of enhancement.

I think the problem with many men is that they won't even recognize when you have a small amount of natural-looking make-up on. Many think that's what you normally look like. I believe most complaints here are about women who look like they used the Simpson's make-up gun and that the gents, despite their protests, would find their gfs and wives a bit bland if they never put on any make-up.

29 Dec 2011 09:40


Go away.

29 Dec 2011 11:57


Or maybe the people defending the use of make up are just superficial :)

29 Dec 2011 13:29

With or without?

Hah. Look, there are some women who just look more pleasant with make-up on. This aids them in so many ways. Society frowns upon ugliness be it in general human interaction or in reference to a job or even in political affairs. If two figures were lobbying for the same political position and they both had equal resumes along with equal claims to beliefs and morals yet one were more attractive than the other, which would you vote for? Don't lie to yourself, you would choose the better looking one. Now, aside from some band members, how many men do you see wearing make-up? Maybe you women should stop treating it as such a panacea for all those hindrances of your low self-esteem. If you're sad, go to the gym, get a new hobby, do some volunteer work, shit, their are so many other ways to boost your self-esteem than to resort to depressive, self-destructive and pitiful means. Hit it up. Forgive my seeming to condescend and appearence of ego-centricity. I'm just a depressed cynical bastard whose looking to profess his disdain for his own life by critiquing others.

29 Dec 2011 15:17


Earth to Jino... That whole thread is superficial :P it's about appearance.

29 Dec 2011 15:39


I like to wear a little bit of war paint. I love doing my hair, putting on make up and dressing up to look pretty for myself as much as others. I'm real girly girl like that : ) And I make no apologies for it hehe & men are very metrosexual themselves these days too...

I dont think any relationships I am in though are founded or based on how I look - it plays a part im sure - but a very minor one - particularly in the end. Looks are so transitory .....

I like that quote..."Are you beautiful bc I love you or do I love you bc you are beautiful....

29 Dec 2011 16:50


I've seen you without make-up and I still thought you were pretty. So pfff on your defense for make-up.

29 Dec 2011 17:16


I have thought about it, but everyone I ask about it tells me not to do it. I have heard a lot of bad reviews so it makes me nervous. Trust me, it would be exactly my luck to get one and come out looking crazy.

29 Dec 2011 17:32


don't do it! you will look like an OOmpa Loompa! It doesn't work well with really light skinned people like us. http://satireworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/OompaLoompa-192x1951.png

29 Dec 2011 20:01

Nobody said

that women annot be pretty without make-up. Some of us simply said that even the appearance of beautiful women can still be enhanced with a bit of make-up.

29 Dec 2011 20:05


I don't think I'm really following your line of argument very well. Are you saying that putting on make-up is a 'depressive, self-destructive and pitiful means'? Or did I misunderstand you?

I'm especially confused since in the first sentence of your post you argue for the use of make-up, saying some women look better with make-up on and continuing with how an attractive exterior is important in personal and professional life.

To sum it up, I have no idea what you're really trying to say.

29 Dec 2011 20:07

I'm sure

a $19 billion dollar a year industry hasn't marketed itself into being a necessity.
It gets you high, man.