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15 Jan 2012 04:43



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15 Jan 2012 05:33


OMG that is awesome!!! I want to do that lol...wow...thats seriously amazing scary LOL. And some seriously good mucking around lol. You must have had so much fun creating that look. Its like a horror movie haha. My minds made up - I'm going to do a make up stage course of some kind!

15 Jan 2012 12:27

on the "Syfy" channel here...

there is a show called "Face Off".
A contest among chosen make up artists.
I am amazed with the entire process used to get to the end result.
Not sure if you could find a listing that would allow you to watch it on line, but it would be worth a shot.

15 Jan 2012 15:20


I'm soo doing that now.....I can watch episodes on youtube..


ty for that!!!

15 Jan 2012 16:50

wedding make up !!

Make up for weddings !!! nice you may do me make up one day but not for wedding ,deal ??

in my opinion doing make up as a job is nice work ,, I like to practice on that one day ,, also I will put that
on my list :)

15 Jan 2012 16:54

Exciting Thing !!

coarse ? That would be awesome thing !! I think I should plan for that in the summer vacation ,, Thanks free- spirit
it seems to be exciting thing ,, I'm so excited for it !!!

15 Jan 2012 17:20


you'll give me nightmares :(

15 Jan 2012 18:52

next episode...

all of the creations must be able to stay underwater.
Amazing.. can't wait to see it.
I really hope you enjoy the series. This is it's second season.

15 Jan 2012 21:51


I always thought my grandma's mother would look funny if she shaved her mustache :))

15 Jan 2012 22:02

LOL ...

hahahahahahahahahahah LOL that really made me laugh now lol

15 Jan 2012 22:08


glad to hear :))

16 Jan 2012 19:22


Hair runs in your family, eh? :-)) Raawr

16 Jan 2012 21:10


yeah babe ! come to me :))