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Call of Duty

06 Jul 2011 03:05

Call of Duty

I have a distinct feeling deep down in my heart that Call of Duty is by far the worst game ever made.
And because of this, it is personaly my avorite game of all time.

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07 Jul 2011 08:40


Well it's not all that bad when you're playing it with a few friends, well I only have experience wtih MW2 and Nazie Zombies.

Well I barely touch my 360 now unless somebody comes over and turns it on but not that bad of a game.

09 Jul 2011 20:10


15 Jul 2011 16:20

It's not that bad.

How so? CoDs are one of the most outstanding FPS'es I've ever played.
In terms of GUI? It's the most detailed one.
In terms of Storyline? It's addictive.

MoH's the first one that took me to FPS world. I've played several others as SP.

One thing I'd like to complain about CoD's that the gameplay takes it easy on you. I'm a Hardened. And the level of this Hardened is no sweat for me w/o stucking in one chapter and kept me going forward.

Crysis 2 tops out too! Afterall, CoD's my ever favorite too! <3<3<3

21 Jul 2011 13:35


I never played much shooters, but got into it a bit later once I played a PSN demo of the BF 1943 remake and was hooked.

Never played much CoD, maybe on ps2, but didn't like it. I simply prefer BF, without saying BF is the better game, before people start to make a storm out of a glass of water.

I've heard people complain a lot about CoD being too easy, but that probably why everyone loves it so much I guess...

16 Aug 2011 07:23

i love black ops

i love zombies!
i know there is no achievement
but the momentum of the game gets me excited

17 Aug 2011 01:15


The only real reason I got CoD Black Ops cause of the zombies too a while back so me and a few friends could just kill zombies for a good few hours and have a laugh, nothing is more exciting then trying to kill a dozen zombies with the upgraded Ray Gun lol while distracting them with the Monkey.

Heck I/we the only thing we did was play was zombies and sometimes multi-player. Better then trolling an internet chat site all day bringing people down too.

15 Sep 2011 01:37

call of duty

call of duty is best game ever made lol how can u say it worst?

15 Sep 2011 05:00


I think there are different groups of people that hate it.

People who just don't do well in multiplayer games, people with bad internet and lag no matter who the host is, people who prefer battlefield games, people who prefer dedicated servers, people who played it so much they got sick of it, people who like one call of duty, but hate the changes they made in the newer ones, and people who hate the online community.

That applies to most of the reasons why I don't care for call of duty anymore.

15 Sep 2011 05:17


a LOT of multi-player people just hate the trolls.

Im a troll. Im out there, Ive got the pill, the tube of noob firing, Its just a lot of fun.
poor people just dont get how much fun it is hahaha...

15 Sep 2011 10:02


Zombies is my all-time favorite ting to do in CoD.
And now there are achievments :)!!!!!

25 Sep 2011 17:04


'nuff said.

25 Sep 2011 23:40


enough said ;P

26 Sep 2011 00:16


my money goes to BF3. Give me dedicated servers for mw3. Every bullet counts. I can't stand shooting someone 5 times then seeing only 2 bullets register in killcam.

26 Sep 2011 04:58


I feel ya, I'll probably buy both. BF3 looks like loads of fun.

27 Sep 2011 01:08

i agree

I think you're totally right! i love Callof Duty but i bet it will soon just be forgotten when a new video game like call of duty comes out. one of my friends at school say it's still the bomb since she hasn't really played anything else. but... i love Call of duty i so badly want to get gears of war 3! my other friend says it's awesome!

18 Oct 2011 03:14



19 Oct 2011 01:57

its the bigest selling game of all time

its the bigest selling game of all time grate game well i think anyways nikki

19 Oct 2011 01:59


grate game as well love the shooting games bad company is another grate game hit man as well love them all.wee nikki

03 Feb 2012 07:03

call of duty lover

call of duty is by far the BEST game ever made beside assassins creed no one can say otherwise

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