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Call of Duty

03 Feb 2012 07:08


for battlefield 3 :P and just about every other game. loved cod4, loved mw2 even more. just felt downhill from there.

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03 Feb 2012 09:40


Some people already did... -_-'

03 Feb 2012 09:42

how is the story of revelations?

I've been playing multiplayer on and off. I'm not quite ready to dedicate myself to the story. I know I'm going to get hooked.

08 Mar 2012 09:27


the funny fact that much little boys like you need the bullet count to show how long your cock is ;)

08 Mar 2012 10:46


you're actually trying to insult me for not supporting peer-to-peer connections? Might want to think about that one.

08 Mar 2012 11:33


ye, live your dream funny boy ;)

08 Mar 2012 12:08


enjoy your lag.. since you enjoy it for some reason

10 Jul 2012 00:17

It's a blast!

Me, my oldest.. Who is due to be 10 this month and my husband love to play. Though my secret to do well is I wait until there distracted.. Lol though once a while both me and the hubby are known to screen watch a little bit. I dont ever care who wins, it's just fun. But I gotta say my oldest is the easier target... He he he well he is... :)

10 Jul 2012 08:22


You let a 9 year old (soon to be 10) play CoD? Great parenting skills!

The age rating is 18 for a reason, but I guess in the state where they'll give you a gun for free when you buy 2 soap bars is different from the rest of the world eh?

10 Jul 2012 10:10


It has a parental lock for censorship of blood and such. Though I'm surprised you're so conservative about such things. The whole notion of age restrictions for videogames is silly...

11 Jul 2012 22:55


I don't consider not letting kids play shooters to be conservative at all.

03 Jan 2013 01:46

call of duty black ops 2 zombies gameplay

03 Jan 2013 21:06


Call of Duty Black Ops...the new one is the only video game my son requested for xmas this year.

13 Jan 2013 18:16


I love Zombies :P Do you play on PS3? :P

23 Sep 2013 21:14

call of duty

its cool you get to do loads of things to do on it

13 Oct 2013 19:59


It's just a point and shoot game with new maps with each release. You should try out bf4 beta to find out what a real shooter is....

15 Oct 2013 18:32


I have a distinct feeling deep down in my heart that Call of Duty is by far the worst game ever made.

worst- No
most overrated- Yes