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BF3 vs MW3

19 Dec 2011 17:53


So... then... what're you doing reading this thread :P

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19 Dec 2011 18:10


to belittle your gaming (:

19 Dec 2011 22:42


Mario Kart 7 lol still prefer my war game

20 Dec 2011 13:34


We don't need to belittle you, you did it yourself by saying you play Mario Kart 7 :D

20 Dec 2011 22:25


Mario Kart 7 can't be belittling since it's awesome.

20 Dec 2011 23:38


it's kind of kiddy, but it's an enjoyable game nonetheless, I'll give you that. I don't think it can be compared to shooters though.

21 Dec 2011 11:42


It's not kiddy, it's a classic! lets see how many kids in 10 years will be playing COD or BF

21 Dec 2011 13:02


i imagine a few of those kids may very well be in the army...lol

21 Dec 2011 14:27


zomgz dude real life cod wooo! lol
I'd rather drive a kart around to fun music for a job, actually I have a plan for Christmas now! (:

21 Dec 2011 14:51


its all fun and games till your best friend throws a blue shell at you.

21 Dec 2011 14:55


I hate bastards that throw blue shells..

21 Dec 2011 17:35


Fucking blue shell!!! I was always partial to the lightening to make mini racers haha

31 Dec 2011 08:55


Bf3 never played but cant see anything better then mw3 ;D sorry

31 Dec 2011 08:59


;D lol well ill just have to play my shitry war games and mario kart! Lol

31 Dec 2011 15:56


mw2, cod4, and black ops >.> I think those are all better than mw3 if you haven't played bf3.

really though, all they needed to do was spend a little more time on the map designs. the maps in mw2 were a really good, but the ones in mw3 are too crammed.

31 Dec 2011 16:09


Modern Warfare 3 is amazing, I've been playing it every day for the past 13 days and I still cannot get enough. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is smooth as usual and the multiplayer is action packed.
In comparison, Battlefield 3 sucks major balls. Gameplay is horrible (good luck flying that chopper), graphics are nice and the multiplayer is boring as fuck.

If I insert a FPS into my PS3, I want to be able to shoot many heads off and drop into an action packed map. Frikking huge maps with lousy vehicles (that are a pain in the arse to move around with) while walking/driving/flying around looking for enemies for 10 minutes can only be described as shitty and boring.

31 Dec 2011 16:16

teamdeath match?

team deathmatch has much better designed maps and they're far smaller than conquest maps. They're about the size of a mw2 map.

some people enjoy spawning and dying instantly though. I'll never understand why.

31 Dec 2011 16:48

sounds like

you're quite the fanboy. Considering you were judging the game before you even purchased it. Call of duty players don't belong in battlefield though. battlefield is for hardcore gamers. call of duty is for beginners. no skill from call of duty can be carried over to battlefield.

31 Dec 2011 17:53


Yes I am quite the fanboy for CoD; which even surprises me because I despised the first CoD. Back then I was playing C-S and all my mates switched to CoD, I refused.

Anyways, I am not a 'hardcore' gamer; I just like playing a game that doesn't bore me to sleep. I gave BF3 an honest chance, due to the hype. But after several days of playing for 2-3 hours, I cannot conclude anything else than that it blows monkey balls. I'm putting it on sale :)

31 Dec 2011 18:33

should try tdm or squad deathmatch

same concept, different maps and mechanics.

time will tell though. we all get bored of the same game. everyone does. I played mw2 daily for a year straight.

should give 007 reloaded another try. it's basically cod4