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: : : : pick up lines
Barmy ♀
Claire Voyant
13 Jun 2009 23:15


you still have not said if you have used that line :P

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Barmy ♀
Claire Voyant
13 Jun 2009 23:16


he might but you will be a hero to all those other men lol they will be queing up to thank you.

17 Jun 2009 12:38


:steckenpferd: *Gets his saddle ready* :steckenpferd:

20 Jun 2009 10:56


Dun dun DUNNNN!!
Have no fear HIM is here

17 Aug 2009 21:52


No No No!!!!
I believe that line goes...
My name aint Fred Flinstone but i can sure make your bed rock! XD
Gosh, get it right! :lach:

19 Aug 2009 16:40


lmao cmon barmy u should know to get it right :rtfm:

hey blondie3 wanna play pony? :steckenpferd:

*looks for his wip*

Barmy ♀
Claire Voyant
20 Aug 2009 04:14


:P.. i suck at remembering chat up lines..

Barmy ♀
Claire Voyant
20 Aug 2009 04:15

oi you

go feed the fishes :P

how about this... whats a guy like you doing in a place like this without me ...

22 Aug 2009 01:05


whats a guy like you doing in a place like this without me ...

im feeding the fish :fisch:

wanna come and warm my maggots ?

Barmy ♀
Claire Voyant
24 Aug 2009 21:27


you got more than one you must be a hit with the girls lol ??? :P

a poem for you its an old one..

I love you i love you
i love you almighty
i wish your pjamas
where next to my nightie
but dont be mistaken
dont be mislead
i mean on my cothes line
and not in my bed..

Barmy ♀
Claire Voyant
24 Aug 2009 21:27


clothes line not cothes damn it

25 Aug 2009 06:47


You are running out of lines to use hon, you gave me that poem 4 years ago.

tut tut brummies have no clue lol.

25 Aug 2009 06:49


I didn't even notice you missed an L out of the word, I'm so use to your typos I can read what you say without noticing the mistakes now, haha.

Barmy ♀
Claire Voyant
25 Aug 2009 10:58


you did not notice cuz you not got ya soecs on mwuahahahahha

26 Aug 2009 09:26


It is because after over 4 years of yapping to you that I don't notice the typos and just read what you are saying and fill in the wrong words for myself.

Like soecs = specs lmao dweeb.

Barmy ♀
Claire Voyant
27 Aug 2009 02:05

i was

testing you to see if you would notice......pft lol

27 Aug 2009 08:49


excuse... :aetsch:

27 Aug 2009 10:27


In all honesty you 2 (Barmy and free) make my blonde moments look minor so keep up the good work girls (i read this twice checking for typo's)

27 Aug 2009 13:11


Typos, no apostrophe ^^ and yeah, these two grannies bickering at each other like Car and Dee used to... Ah, such memories...

27 Aug 2009 16:44


Young lady need to stop tripping for real lmao.