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ideal breakfast

26 Sep 2011 00:34

ideal breakfast

what would be the ideal breakfast ?
for me oil with hot homemade bread is irrepleacable with tea of course . simple but really delicious

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26 Sep 2011 14:55


for me breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I love it.

But I only do my favorite breakfast twice or thrice a year and that would be.

Freshly squeezed orange juice.

Homemade pancakes from scratch and lots and lots of maple syrup.

Viva le calories !

26 Sep 2011 15:15


Can't beat a good English fry up, fried egg, sausage, bacon, beans, fried bread, tomatoes and pots of hot tea. I only eat this maybe once a year as I don't want to die.

26 Sep 2011 22:58


Option one: Fresh squeezed orange juice, omelette (with eggs and white cheese)
Option two: Toast with yellow cheese and salami, some green salad and a cup of tea

I'm kinda having the first option once/twice in a week and the second one once in 10 days or something

27 Sep 2011 01:57


I'd have Orange Juice and/or Coffee, Eggs Benedict or Toasted bread with Butter and Strawberry Jam or Waffle and Sausage or Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream or English muffin with sausage and egg. hehe.

27 Sep 2011 15:16


Yes coffee I forgot about it, how dar I forget!

MMMMMMMMMM Jacobs coffee!

27 Sep 2011 20:32


sounds delicious yuuuuummmmy

29 Sep 2011 23:18


I love breakfast foods, just not in the morning! Eating before noon makes me feel like vomiting for some reason.
What I love are crepes with fresh fruit. So delicious and not so heavy as a pancake or waffle. Turkey bacon is also awesome. Regular bacon is just too salty for me.
Soooo..I guess a nice strawberry crepe, some turkey bacon and maybe some cheesy scrambled eggs. With coffee.

30 Sep 2011 13:49



Roll with square sausage and HP sauce. Butter the roll and swap the diet crap for sugary Irn Bru and you have a winner :D
Good Sunday breakfast. You can also add a potato scone or a fried egg to the roll if you're feeling adventurous.

02 Oct 2011 01:06


Ideal one:
Omelette with Tomato, Feta, Spinach, Black olives.
Toast with jam.
Glass of milk

Ideal Two:
Two eggs over medium
Toast with jam
Glass of milk

Ideal Three:
Hobo Skillet
Hash browns, onions, mushrooms, tomato, sausage with two eggs laid on top
Toast with Jam
Glass of milk

Ideal Four:
Eggs Benedict
Glass of milk

Now these are all ideal, yet I rarely have any of them or else I would be a walking fat factory, so I may indulge once a month with any of the above.

02 Oct 2011 08:36


sausage, tomatoes, egg, hash brown, bacon, fried bread, black pudding..(clotted pigs blood) fried mushrooms, beans

02 Oct 2011 13:18


Avocado and shrimp salad lol....its my fav for breakfast lunch and dinner haha. I Love it....failing that.....vegemite toast and coffee ; )

02 Oct 2011 13:19


oh I havent had black pudding since Nan was alive and adam was in short pants - I used to love it - then I realized what it was I was eating lol....

02 Oct 2011 13:20


breakfast is the essence . the list above is varried but seems yummy . definitely i'm gonna give a go for one of those actually

02 Oct 2011 14:13

One thing I do miss

is brunch OMG so good!

and bagels with cream cheese.

I love breafast and the simple but great toast.

PS beans are not breakfast food in my book.

02 Oct 2011 18:22


like an English thing.

02 Oct 2011 20:22

Re: *

PS beans are not breakfast food in my book.

What about if you don't get up until 5pm after spending all night on spinchat like most of the losers here?

02 Oct 2011 22:21


well since that has never been my case I honestly cant answer your question. ( shrugs)

03 Oct 2011 01:15


If you ever make me breakfast I'll take ideal one, without the milk, please!

04 Oct 2011 03:18


Coming right up! ;-)

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