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ideal breakfast

13 Oct 2011 21:27


Breakfast always takes me back to when I was a kid. So the ideal breakfast for me would be frenchbread sliced and buttered, fried eggs, and some kind of breakfast meat w/ coco to dip the bread in. Thanks for bringing back great memories =)

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13 Oct 2011 21:31


Some countries have much heartier breakfasts that include a giant piece of chicharone, beans, plantanes, and fired eggs. This meal is usually one that keeps you full for the most part of the day making breakfast an even more important part of one's day than we even thought we knew lol

17 Oct 2011 17:00


One ideal breakfast is oatmeal with fresh sliced strawberries and bananas, ham or sausage, and coffee.

The other would have to be a berry bagel with almond butter and fresh sliced bananas with a glass of juice. :)

18 Oct 2011 01:49

Breakfast Fetish

I found this prescription today for young ladies who are coming of marrying age and want to attract suitors in the Finnish Epic "Kalevala":

• For the first year eat butter. Not last years butter, but Freshly churned. The text implies this is to be the main food source for the year.
• For the second year eat ham, the plumpest of your fathers stock. Again, the main food source for the year.
• For the third year eat your stacks of pancakes with maple syrup. Still, the main food source for the year.

Then the man you long for will not be able to resist marrying you.

I guess Finnish men liked ‘em plump… or maybe had a fetish for breakfast foods… who knows.

19 Oct 2011 15:17


if my room mate hasn't gone through my pop tarts , ill have that with whatever drink is in the fridge and of course the vitamin tablet , very important otherwise youll get scurvy.

19 Oct 2011 20:22


vitamin tablet , very important otherwise youll
get scurvy.

Or you could, you know, eat healthily.

20 Oct 2011 01:09


youve got an eye for sarcasm haven't you.. =)

20 Oct 2011 10:28


There was no sarcasm whatsoever in my post, it was absolutely sincere. Multivitamins are shit; several studies have suggested they increase incidence of breast cancer in women [ http://www.ajcn.org/content/91/5/1268.full ] and vitamin E, present in most multivitamin supplements, was just linked to prostate cancer in men [ http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/306/14/1549.short ].

So my post wasn't sarcastic - it just had a condescending tone. Instead of eating synthetic vitamins, eat healthily.

20 Oct 2011 13:10


No i mean i was being facetious... i jokingly implied that me eating a vitamin pill a day somehow is a good substitute for eating healthily , and that study is still unclear by the way, i find it hard to believe that taking a 1000mu of vitamin e for example has suddenly become hazardous , we'll wait and see

20 Oct 2011 15:33


and that study is still
unclear by the way

It wasn't a study, it was a clinical trial that ended in July, it's perfectly clear.

20 Oct 2011 16:57


Compared with the placebo (referent group) in which 529 men developed prostate cancer, 620 men in the vitamin E group developed prostate cancer

20 Oct 2011 22:59


I would think the margin of error for a group of 55,000 people is >100.

What should be more of a concern is the 4% of all the men studied developed prostate cancer with no previous indicators.

19 Dec 2011 11:14

food that is rich in butter or salt

Although I have never traveled much, some vacation places do offer wonderful breakfasts.
I am fond of fried rice with different kinds of toppings.
I am trying to be a good cook---I am learning from people here and from my sisters.
A good breakfast can bring one luck so I do not calories in the morning!

20 Dec 2011 23:01

breakfast is my favourite meal!!

Cereal with milk is always a fav

Granola + Yoghurt + Honey + fresh fruits

lately i have Brown bread with cottage cheese spead over and honey with a sharon fruit and coffee. YUM!!!

Cinnamon Bun with capuccino

Love Love breakfasts and brunches!

20 Dec 2011 23:02

oh yess

I prefer nutella or honey on it + a mix of berries!

20 Dec 2011 23:03

forgot about oatmeals

thats also one of my fav with fresh strawberries or blueberries and honey and cinnamon

i love love honey lol

21 Dec 2011 00:59

sharon fruit

We have a Sharon tree in our orchard, Im not fond of them, but you are welcome to them whenever you like.

My mother and daughter love them, we give most of them away since they really cant eat so many.

21 Dec 2011 09:34


Are you serious? Sharon fruit is the best fruit! Deliciously sweet without being overpowering, flowery, perfect texture... I could go on all day!

21 Dec 2011 09:58


Im being totally honest , they arent my thing.

BTW Ana I was in Vitoria not too long ago, and we ended up in a place called Hotel Ruta de Europa in Subijana.

Very nice place , and the food was great. None of us had ever been there and I must say it was a very nice surprise.

The food was simply great. None of us excepted such quality from a road hotel/ restuarant. If you ever have a chance while your back home you should try it. Their sirloin is mouthwatering. We were a big party and everyone was happy with what they asked for.

Zorionak eta urte berri on neska!

21 Dec 2011 10:21


Food here is really good anywhere you go, really! I was out in the mountains the other day and stopped to eat at a roadside place full of truckers, the food was OUTSTANDING! It might be that Im comparing it to American food after so long living there when there really is no comparison!
My mom is a chef in a little restaurant, by little I mean they have like 10 tables, and the food they put out for such an affordable price is ridiculous.
As much as I hate being home I LOVE being home because of the food.