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What is your fav drink at winter's nights ?

17 Jan 2012 18:25

What is your fav drink at winter's nights ?

We all know that winter's nights are very cold so each one of us has a fav drink and especially at night !!
for me my fav drink is Chamomile ,, cause this drink makes me wake up all night and it has a nice taste
and beside it's so useful !! how about yours ??

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17 Jan 2012 18:37


That's strange.. chamomile is supposed to make you relaxed and sleepy.
My favorite tea is chamomile with lavender. I take it to calm my nerves and relax. (it also soothes you're tummy)

17 Jan 2012 18:38


still in need of more coffee this morning I guess

17 Jan 2012 18:50

Strange thing !!!!

at first chamomile made never sleep and I was like I wanna do more activities when I drink it ..
but after a year later no when I drink it I began to feel like I wanna relax and sleep ,,
that's strange thing !!

17 Jan 2012 21:16


I'm guess it's either the natural urge, or cravings, but cold winter nights make me want something sweet, hot, and a little rich. Like hot Belgian cocoa with a bunch of marsh mellows, really sweet coffee, with a lot of powdered creamer. Idk what it is. for mer personally it's always been one of the two, and it's DELICIOUS! I'm sure most people would probably cringe at this, but I've always been a fan of it. Actuallly now that I think about it, maybe it's cause i did that a lot as a kid that it comes so naturally to do. Don't. Judge. Meeeeh! =P Cheers!

17 Jan 2012 22:26

my fav childhood food !!

I don't judge cause when I was little I have always loved the " red rice soup " and my uncle was cooking it for me
so till now I love it and I think I'm as an expert in it from now on LOL .. till now when I visit my grandma house
my uncle makes this soup for me & my cousins laugh on me saying I still little LOL .. but to be honest I don't care
cause it's yummy soup :P

17 Jan 2012 22:57


A nice strong cup of special Earl Grey with milk and 2 sugars. Sweet, delicious, hot and comforting, best drink to enjoy nice and cozy at home when its cold and miserable out!

17 Jan 2012 23:04


seems yummy !! could u plz handle me a cup ?? lol ,, I think it's nice and delicious for winter's nights !!

18 Jan 2012 05:37


Is it like red beans and rice? Sounds like something i wouldn't mind trying =)

I also like hot lemon tea, spike with something strong.

18 Jan 2012 05:56

I have

a feeling that most in this thread do not even know what a cold night is. Except Neveahrewolf of course. She has the distinct pleasure of sharing the same horrendous climate as me.

Hot Chocolate
Hot Cider
Mulled Wine
Spiced Ales
Chocolate or coffee stouts served at about 55-65 degrees F

18 Jan 2012 07:24


What you talking 'bout? It's going to be a balmy 8F tonight. ;)

18 Jan 2012 09:30


That's not fair. I'm posted in the 808! but my other half is from Minnesota, so that has to count... somehow? come on pleeease =/

18 Jan 2012 16:58


I know about cold weather as well. That's why on cold nights I like to drink a cup of fire. If fire is unavailable I drink this delicious mango peach tea from Lipton, or I just have some regular coffee. Also, sometimes to challenge the cold weather, I'll have a milkshake. I'm pretty tough.

18 Jan 2012 18:20

Fire and Ice cream..

My kids like ice cream and milkshakes any time of year too. Not me, the cold weather makes me a wuss. I'll have a hot drink over a cold one in the winter. Takes the chill out.

18 Jan 2012 18:25


Is that Hawaii?

Hell no! Hawaii doesn't count! <<jealousy admitted

18 Jan 2012 21:21

wait a minute...

Chocolate or coffee stouts served at about 55-65 degrees F

Is that "chocolate beer"?

18 Jan 2012 21:52

mine is

my favorite winter night drink is jaegermeister. and red bull. this is also good on spring nights, summer nights, and autumn nights.

19 Jan 2012 00:08

drinking fire!

surely drinking fire makes you tough?!

19 Jan 2012 02:42


Cherry wine is awesome. And hot chocolate for sure.

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