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10 Jan 2007 00:41
Martin Sheen's teeth


why couldn't he afford some dentures that made him look good? He looks ridiculous ever since he got those buck-teeth.

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10 Jan 2007 01:32
he isn't a bad actor though...


can you post a photo of his teeth $teve?

10 Jan 2007 01:38


Reply to: Martin Sheen's teeth by: $teve

He does, it looks like those teeth
barely fit in his mouth.

On the subject of goofy looking clebes.

I think Nicolas Cage had some work done
his face looks way to tight these days.

10 Jan 2007 06:13

30 Jan 2007 11:39


I didn't even know who he was :os
But i agree, terrible scary looking teeth.
Although i have seen worse..

31 Jan 2007 00:05
that pic

makes me feel like I have nothing to complain about. Thanks. : )

31 Jan 2007 02:54
I didn't know that


Shane McGowan had grown a moustache. But then I found this picture: Shane

31 Jan 2007 04:00
This one makes me laugh


Let this picure be a lesson to everyone: if you try to keep up with Shane Macgowan on a bender, you will lose. Compare the two. One looks consideraly more pissed than the other:

Under the table

31 Jan 2007 23:23
is that

shane and johnny? really is it?

31 Jan 2007 23:42
It is


I've no idea how they came to be friends, but I know that Johnny Depp directed and starred in The Pogues' video for That Woman's Got Me Drinking, and he got Shane a little walk-on part in The Libertine (it was cut, but it's on the dvd). They're still good friends, apparently, although judging by that picture I'd guess that Johnny hasn't gone shot-to-shot with him since then.