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According The World Health Organization more than 15 million people the floods are estimated to have affected, only about 1.2 million had access to safe water supplies. In the most inundated areas, 200 of 1,167 health facilities — including several hospitals — were damaged. Reports of respiratory tract infections and fatal diarrhea were growing. .......

The sad part is the destruction caused by these floods in Pakistan is way bigger then the combined damage of tsumani , Haiti floods and Katrina.. …20 million people are affected .(which is exactly equals to the population of Newzealand ),,sad but true..

this group is made in order to bring awareness amongst you guys... :traurig:

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1 comment by sweetkhan on this picture.
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[Youtube Video] well i am from swat .i made this video.its my ruined village.all the fields were destroyed .all cultivated area is destroyed via erosion.its ...
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