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What is Spinchat.com? What does Spinchat.com cost?

What is Spinchat.com?
Spinchat.com is an online community. You can communicate with other people, send mails, view pictures and profiles and debate in public boards via your browser.

Besides, you have the possibility of installing a small version of the spinchat.com chat for free on your own homepage.

What does Spinchat.com cost?
The participation in Spinchat.com is free of charge.

However, some other services (such as, for instance, being an administrator in your own room or becoming a VIP) can cost fees. But you cannot fall into a hidden "cost trap" in any case. Any service subject to a charge is explicitly marked as such and always requires you to do something actively, for example to complete and send an order form or via a chargeable phone call that you have to execute yourself. As a matter of principle, we do not use any dialer programs! Unless otherwise stated fees will basically be charged by the company SPiN AG, that is the operator of this Community. You can find further contact information in our Imprint.

Who is SPiN and why do you do Spinchat.com?
Once upon a time... No, seriously: Our company (SPiN) was founded in 1996. As the most of us are very enthusiastic chatters or MUD players, we put a very small, moderate chat onto the back then very unknown Internet, more or less by accident. By and by, it has become one of the biggest and most popular communities in Europe, spinchat.com, and our hobby has meanwhile turned into our profession. We have constantly enhanced and developed the software, and we still work as hard on providing our people the best possible results as we used to.

How was Spinchat.com created (for the technically interested)?