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About the chat rooms

Rules applicable to operators in the rooms administered by SPiN

Operators have to adhere to certain rules as well. The following rules and regulations apply to all chat rooms administered by SPiN.

First of all, most importantly: Take it easy. You should not fulfill your tasks because you have to, but to create pleasant chat environment. There's no use in picking on chatters to guarantee absolute compliance with the rules. Just let them have some fun as long this is not at the expense of others.. We expect each operator to be capable of assessing the situation in the chat room him-/herself, particularly to know when to intervene and when not.

Don't appoint any temp-ops (temporary ops, assistant ops) unless absolutely necessary. In general, there shouldn't be more than 3 temp-ops in the room. If perm-ops (permanent ops) are present, there is no need for temp-ops other than in in exceptional cases. When appointing temp-ops, you should never allow yourself to be influenced by acquaintances/friends. Instead, you should make your choice based on whether you really need a temp-op and whether the candidate really is able to deal with the additional rights sensibly.

Except in the case of too many temp-ops present in a room, operators should never de-op temp-ops appointed by other ops. Conflicts amongst the operators should not be solved at the expense of the chatters or temp-ops.

If a chatter does not behave correctly in the room, you should advise him/her, if possible, via the dialogue- or the warning function to change his/her behavior. If possible, you should abstain from using op-rights without previously warning the chatter as this should be restricted to repeated infringements of the Terms of Use. Don't put your op-rights on show publicly. It is not about demonstrating "power", but about contributing to the maintenance of a reasonable tone when chatting.

New chatters often orientate themselves to perm-ops or temp-ops. To ensure a friendly chat atmosphere for all, it is important for the ops to set a good example and to strive for a friendly tone.

Your behavior as an op should not be affected by any personal problems with chatters. Conflicts or disputes in a dialogue should not be "solved" by means of the op-rights.

If you can't manage a specific situation, the most important thing is to remain calm. Overreactions or demonstrations of power in general only serve to make the situation even worse.

Apart from these rules, some of the rooms might have introduced in cooperation with SPiN additional rules. In this case, it is best to consult the homepage, if any, of the respective room.