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Tips to start

How can I start a chat with others in the room? How do I behave correctly?

If you enter a chat room for the first time, you have to stick to a few rules which help you and others to have a pleasant chat:

After you have entered the room, say hello and, for a start, observe a little while how such a chat works. It is not advisable to start typing wildly, which might annoy others, even if this only happens unintentionally or out of ignorance. Here are some examples of what to avoid:

  • Permanently writing "I want to chat!", "Who wants to chat with me?" or similar things is not welcomed by others and gets on their nerves because the people in the room are already chatting. Read about what the others are chatting and think about whether you can make a good contribution to the chat. This is also a good opportunity for the others to involve you in the chat. You will see that it is very easy if you are not too pushy.

  • Writing a text consistently in capital letters is generally interpreted as "shouting/yelling" and considered an insult. Just write "normally", maybe also only in small letters, and when you really have to shout something out in capital letters for once, nobody will mind.

  • Don't use the chat macros in a context where they don't make any sense since this substantially interrupts the chat. It is of course understandable that you want to use the macros, but if all chatters used them permanently, the conversation would only consist of always the same emote-messages and no reasonable chat could develop. That's why you should not use the macros all at once, but only when they fit into the context. Then nobody will be mad at you.

  • Don't ambush other chatters with questions like "m/f - how old?" (in English: "male/female - how old?" ).They don't like that at all, and it irritates them. The best thing is to ask the person you would like to chat with if you can open a dialogue with him/her, or write a friendly "Hello :-)" and wait for his/her reaction. If your dialogue partner does not answer, don't be mad at him/her or even insult him/her. After all, you wanted something from him/her and not the other way round.

  • Don't ambush other chatters by opening a game without asking them in advance. This is often perceived as very annoying.
    Ask in the room or dialogue if someone present there or your favorite partner wants to play a game with you, and don't be annoyed if he/she rejects.

If you pay attention to these principles, and if you also stick to the following rules, you should not have any problems getting in touch with other chatters and establishing yourself in the Community :-)

Rules applicable in the rooms administered by SPiN

For the individual rooms, different rules may apply. It is advisable to contact an operator and to ask him/her for the room's rules. Please also read the Terms of Use of Spinchat.com!

In general you should stick to the following rules, though:

Be friendly and don't get on anybody's nerves. No insults! In case another person has started with it, ignore it. One of the operators will take care of him/her.

No scrolling/flooding/spamming! No pointless repeating of character strings, one and the same sentence or of links. By the way, commercial advertising is generally prohibited.

No talking about sex, drugs, weapons etc., and no cybersex! There may be children present. If need be, talk in the dialogue about it.

No disputes! Sort out your problems privately (in the dialogue) or in your own room.

No misuse of nicknames! Don't intentionally choose other person's names, and don't spoil any nicknames in some form or another.

No discrimination whatsoever based on a person's gender, political or religious background, age, etc.