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Data protection regulation/privacy policy

(Last update: 20. May 2010)

1. Data collection and use
Personal data constitute details relating to the personal or business affairs of a specific or specifiable natural person.

Personal data gained during registration shall be used for the agreed purpose of participating in the spinchat.com-Community. The data submitted shall not be forwarded to third parties except where required by law or in cases in which the User has been explicitly informed in advance thereof and has voluntary agreed to the forwarding or use of the data in other contexts.

The user profile voluntarily created by the User can be accessed by all Internet users, in particular via search engines. The User has the possibility to deactivate the function for easier finding by search engines under Settings. Furthermore, the User may restrict the accessibility of individual parts of his/her profile to a selected group of people, such as e.g. to his/her friends.

2. Revocation
With the exception of his/her gender and birthday, which have to be indicated during registration, the User may amend his/her data submitted at any time.

The User's consent to this Privacy Policy may be revoked at any time by the User by using the function provided by spinchat.com to delete his/her registration and his/her data entirely.

In case of deletion, profile data and photos shall be removed entirely from the website. Content uploaded to public areas by the User, such as board postings, shall be retained, however, - without the other personal and person-related data from the profile. Public postings in which the User has disclosed sensitive/personal data without intention may be removed subsequently however by contacting our Customer Support and indicating the URL to be removed. Messages sent to other users, such as chatmails, guestbook entries or gifts, will be retained, however, for these users.

The data of users who have been banned by Spin AG from its website will be retained for a period of time of 30 days, during which such a ban may be revoked if it is based on an error. After this deadline, the profile data and photos of the respective user shall be deleted as in the case of a self-initiated removal. We reserve the right, however, to save data necessary for maintaining the ban, such as the alias used for registration and the e-mail address beyond this period. We guarantee that these data will not be used for any other purposes than for maintaining the ban.

3. Cookies
Cookies are small text files which are managed by the Internet browser and which allow the recognition of users, without them having to enter their log-in name and password on all our websites. spinchat.com employs the cookies in order to clearly allocate web-requests to individual users and to save non-person-related data, such as some of the users' preferred settings on the website. No cookies will be allocated to person-related data such as name or address for the purpose of identifying individual persons.

Third-party advertisers may set their own cookies while you visit pages containing advertisments to identify/recognize you, but personal data you enter on spinchat.com will not be forwarded to such third parties.

4. Recordings
During all website-visits and log-in or log-out procedures, spinchat.com saves all users' current IP-addresses, the web browsers used as well as the name and status of the requested file, allocated to the alias selected by the User. Texts published in public chat rooms (not dialogues) will also be recorded. These records will be used for troubleshooting purposes, for software optimization, for the identification and tracking of illegal access attempts, as well as for maintaining the Terms of Use. These data will under no circumstances be used for commercial purposes. The records of website access will be deleted after 7 days if no preliminary proceedings are pending. Other records such as the record of log-in and log-out activities or the record of the public chat rooms will be deleted not later than 3 months after their creation if no preliminary proceedings are pending.

If dialogue participants do not report any dialogues by means of the function explicitly provided for this purpose, private dialogues shall neither be saved permanently nor can they be accessed by employees of spinchat.com. In the case of notification by one of the dialogue participants via the function provided explicitly for this purpose in the dialogue window, the last 30 minutes of this dialogue will be extracted from the volatile main memory of the chat server and stored in the database as an abuse report in a tamper-proof manner.

Users have the possibility to report postings concerning other services (e.g. chatmails) as well. All reports are monitored and checked by employees of spinchat.com, and, if necessary, are forwarded to the investigating authorities in charge.

If the User purchases optional services (e.g. VIP-membership or spinpoints), his/her respective payment details will be stored until payment is settled.

5. Security
spinchat.com disposes of suitable security systems which protect our servers against data loss, misuse and manipulation of user data. We explicitly point out, though, that, according to the current state of the art, no computer system (hardware and software) can offer absolute security.

6. Amendments
spinchat.com reserves the right within the scope of the applicable laws to amend this Privacy Policy and to adapt it to recent court decisions. Users shall be informed of such amendments at an appropriate place, e.g. on the homepage, in the section for notifications or immediately when logging in.