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General technical problems

We hope that your problem and the related solution are described here. If this is not the case, you will find information here how to contact our Support . Please note that most technical problems are caused by Internet Explorer. Thus, if you have any problems, it is always worth using another browser (instead of Internet Explorer) first, for example Firefox.

Before you take any further actions or ask us, you should ALWAYS try the following actions first:

  1. Reboot PC
  2. Empty "Temporary Internet Files" or "Cache" in your settings when you are not on spinchat.com.
    How can I delete these files?
  3. By means of trial, deactivate ad blockers/web page filter functions/personal firewalls or include spinchat.com in your security software if available in the List of "Trusted websites".

The vast majority of problems is caused by outdated/corrupt files in the cache and hence, they can also be fixed quite easily again.

Did this not help and do you have one of the following problems?

I don't see any buttons, pictures or photos in Firefox.
The people's lists of the rooms do not open.
The "For during your break" games do not work.
The buttons for the insertion of pictures or smileys do not do anything.
I cannot access any person profiles in a chat.
My browser ends with a warning against a "faulty add-on"