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General technical problems

I don't see any buttons, pictures or photos in Firefox.

You have configured your Firefox settings so it will not load all pictures on a HTML page. You have to change this setting. Look for the relevant description for your Firefox version.

Firefox 3

  1. Open Firefox settings.
  2. Go the the settings page "Content"
  3. Activate the tick at "Load graphics" if it is not yet activated
  4. Click on the button "Exceptions..." behind "Load graphic"
  5. In the newly opened window, remove all entries with "spinchat.com" in their name that are "deactivated".
  6. Save your settings and log in again on spinchat.com

Firefox 1.5/2.0

  1. Open Firefox settings.
  2. Go the the settings page "Content".
  3. Remove the tick at the setting "only from original website".
  4. Save your setting changes and log in again here. Then it should work.

If the problem is still not solved you maybe have installed Firefox add-ons that can also block pictures, for instance ad blockers. In this case, you also have to configure these add-ons such that they permit pictures on spinchat.com.