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HTML-Chat vs. Java-Chat

Instead of Java Chat, we alternatively offer the HTML Chat to all chatters who do not have Java on their PCs and who cannot or are not allowed to install it or who sit behind firewalls they are not allowed to set the configuration themselves.
It has all functions that are required for chatting. Only games cannot be played.

Questions and answers

Why Java, and why not only HTML?
Java simply offers more technical options than HTML.

A chat window does not open even with the setting "HTML-Chat"!
Probably a pop-up blocker is installed on your PC. It prevents the relevant window from opening. Please deactivate all pop-up blockers and try again. Please note that, apart from your browser, pop-up blockers are often installed in toolbars such as Google-Toolbar or Yahoo!-Toolbar, and also very often in "Personal Firewalls" such as, for instance, Norton Internet Security. You definitely have to deactivate all pop-up blockers before everything can work again.
In addition, JavaScript must be activated in your browser settings.

I selected "Use Java" in my settings but games still do not work!
You probably do not have Java on your PC and the nickname you are using is not (yet) registered. In this case, the system automatically selects the HTML chat for you.