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The room windows and the private dialogues do not open! The chat does not work!

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons for this problem. You should try a few possibilities.

  • First of all, delete your browser cache/temporary Internet files and try to log in again.
    How can I delete these files?
  • Install the most current Java by Sun.
  • Deactivate, by way of trial, all advertisement and pop-up blockers. If it works, you should then set Spinchat.com on the list of exceptions for blockers.
  • Deactivate, by way of trial, browser toolbars that could contain blocking functions.
  • Make sure that firewalls cannot block the chat connection.
  • Make sure that all available updates are installed for your browser and your operating system.
  • Make sure that your PC accepts cookies.
  • If you use script blocker extensions or the like (for instance "NoScript" for Firefox), please deactivate them by way of trial.
  • Also try unter "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Chat" to deactivate the option "Use Java" and log in again. The chat might work again then; however the games will not work anymore.

If all of these measures do not help, please contact Support.
If you do this, you have to enter certain information in your mail to the Support! The more detailed information you send to Support right away, the better and faster Support will be able to help you!

Please include the following information in your e-mail to Support:

  • Which nickname have you used for your log-in?
  • When did you try to log in (date/approx. time)?
  • Which browser (the program you use for surfing the Internet) do you use?
  • Which browser version do you use (Note: To learn which version you use, please check out the "Help" function of your browser)?
  • Which operating system is installed on your PC?
  • Which Internet service provider do you use to surf the Internet?
  • What happened (detailed problem description; how did you proceed; what happened when you did it)?
  • Has the chat ever worked on your PC?
  • Which additional programs (pop-up/advertisement blockers, browser toolbars, "personal firewalls", firefox add-on) do you use?

Please read here what else is to be considered when writing to Support.

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