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Further information on the topic of chats

I get the following error message: Connection failed

This message suggests that a component of your networks impedes the connection to the actual chat. Especially in corporate networks, for instance, it is common that a so-called "firewall" only permits certain connection modes (for instance Web).
In this case, you can only contact the administrator of the network and to ask him/her to activate "TCP connection to www.spinchat.com on the port 3001".

This error can also possibly occur on home networks.
Many programs such as AVM Ken! or WinGate that are used for home networks support only web connection by default. Therefore a connection to a chat will on work on the "server" with direct Internet connection, and no connection is possible on its local "client PCs".

Should you have "security" software on your PC, also often called "personal firewall" you should deactivate it by means of trail. Should the chat work, then we recommend that you study the instructions manual of this software very thoroughly in order to systematically enable the access to Spinchat.com, or we also recommend that you dispense with software of this kind as its security value is controversial anyway (for further information see also the text "General information on security").