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Problems with other people

I am always being thrown out of some rooms without any reason and/or without prior warning!

How could this happen? This is not permitted according to the regulations for operators!
Yes, but these regulations only apply to rooms administered by SPiN.
To differentiate: Apart from our rooms, there are also rooms that are created temporarily and rooms that are registered with us by their administrators for an annual fee.

If the room involved is administered by SPiN, you can contact Support.
If you do this, you have to enter certain information in your mail to the Support! The more detailed information you send to Support right away, the better and faster Support will be able to help you!

Please include the following information in your e-mail to Support:

  • In which chat room did the incident happen?
  • Which nickname did you use?
  • Which nickname did the operator have who threw you out?
  • Which other nicknames were involved, if any?
  • When did the incident take place? (date/approx. time)
  • What happened (rough explanation of the facts)?

Please read here what else is to be considered when writing to Support.

Please try first of all to discuss the facts with the operator personally or with another permanent operator of the rooms before you write to us.

Please note that complaints about so-called "temp-ops" (operators appointed by other people) cannot be processed as we do not have any influence on the selection of the temp-ops.
To the same extent, we cannot process or answer any complaints about rooms that are not administered by SPiN or complaints that do not contain that above-mentioned information.
Complaints about a single expulsion from a room usually do not entail consequences for the operator; we will act, however, if an operator tries to keep particular persons away from a room systematically and without any reason.

If your expulsion did not happen in a chat room administered by SPiN, you should accept it and look for another room. Each room administrator can set up his/her own rules as long as they do not contradict the Spinchat.com Terms of Use or the applicable laws.
Of course, you can also try to talk to the room administrator about the incident and try to resolve the matter with him/her.
In order to find out who the room administrator is, look under "chat" in the room list for the relevant room and click on the room symbol at the beginning of the relevant line.

You can recognize a room administered by SPiN by the information "This room is administered by: SPiN".

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