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Information on private chats/dialogues

Some important information and rules for private conversations:

  • Direct Sex chat-ups are considered harassment. If you are being harassed, please click on "Report harassment" in order to report the dialogue to us.
  • Please terminate private arguments, insults etc with the "Block" function. When we receive reports, we only intervene if there are very grave insults or threats. If you insult each other on a mutual basis, you cannot count on our support.
  • Do not harass someone with sex talk - if someone complains about you, you will not be allowed to use our chat for a while. If you harass minors, you will not be allowed to enter and use spinchat.com for the rest of your life, and you may also be reported to the police.
  • If you feel harassed or if you do not want to talk to someone any more, just press the button Block - this person will not be able to talk to you anymore then.
  • In settings, you may set who may talk to you and how many private chats you can have at the same time.

Why should I report sexual harassment?

Common arguments we get to hear are: "Yes, it is too late, I was already harassed" or "I don't care, I just block." However, you should report it in any case if someone talks to you like that for the following reasons: From experience we know that the harassers do not capitulate after a rejection - they harass 10 or 20 persons, and if they do not face any consequences, they will harass hundreds of people. Every report you make prevents them from harassing other people. So everyone can contribute to substantially decreasing the number of harassments for everybody, including yourself.

"But nothing will happen anyway..."

That is not true. Usually the reported person will receive a warning at their first breach, along with a block for 7 days. If they continue, they will finally be banned from the community. If minors were being harassed, the blocking usually will be executed at their first breach.

"But they will simply register again..."

They will probably try it. But in the meantime, we have become quite good at preventing re-registrations. We cannot prevent every re-registration of a user who has already been blocked - but our system prevents most of the blocked users from re-registering more than once or twice.