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Problems with other people

Someone claims here that he/she works for SPiN/Spinchat.com.

You can check anytime by loading the person's profile whether the person really works for us (use the site search to do this).
All SPiN employees or other persons who are authorized to speak on our behalf are marked with the admin logo in their profiles under the personal data in the box in which, for instance, VIP, photo voting results and gifts are displayed.

All others are "fakes" who either want to play a bad trick on you, or, much worse, want to eke data out of you, for example, your password.
Give your password to nobody, under any circumstances, no matter if it is in the chat or on another website. We do not need it.
Check especially whether you are really on Spinchat.com when you enter your password. Just because some other website claims to have something to do with us, or looks similar, or pretends to need your Spinchat.com password for something, does not necessarily mean that this is right.