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Spinchat.com Help and Information System

How can I format my texts in the boards, profiles etc.?

You should not press "Enter" or "Return" at the end of a line. A line break will take place automatically. You can start a new paragraph by inserting an empty line.
You can increase the spacing to the previous paragraph by typing in a space into an empty line.

Bold, italics, headings and color

Text between two or three apostrophes (hot-key sequence: Shift + #) will appear in italics or bold. Example: '''text in bold''' and ''text in italics'' will appear as text in bold and text in italics.

You can mark headings by putting your text between <header></header>-tags or simply between == Heading ==

In blogs and profiles from VIPs, texts in color can also be included with <color tint>text</color>. "tint" here may either be the name of a color (example: red, green, yellow, pink etc.) or a hexadecimal color value like the ones from HTML (example: #ff0000).

<color red> a red text </color>
<color #FFFF00> a yellow text </color>

Set links

Links will be automatically linked if they begin with http://, https:// or ftp://. Example: http://www.spin-ag.de/. E-mail addresses will also be automatically linked.

Moreover, you can mark something explicitly as a link by setting it between double square brackets: [[http://www.spinchat.com]]. With this sort of linking, you can change the text of the linking by setting your desired text behind a |-character (under Windows: type ALT GR + <, under Mac OS with ALT + 7). Example: [[http://www.spin-ag.de|SPiN AG]] becomes SPiN AG.

Special links

With [[u:Person's name|Text]], you can create a link to the profile of a particular person.
With [[users:Person1,Person2,Person2]], you can easily create links to several people (you cannot enter a link text here).
With [[room:room name|Text]], you can create a direct link to a chat room.
With [[s:search text]], you can create a link to the search function of Spinchat.com.
With [[ws:web-search text]], you can create a link to a web search.

ISBN numbers, RFC numbers and certain law texts will be linked automatically if they are written in the right format. Examples: ISBN 345318683-4 and RFC 822 and 100 StGB (German Penal Code)

Integrate pictures and videos

You can integrate pictures using the corresponding button. A [[img:image number]] tag will then appear in the text which marks the position of the picture. It is also possible to integrate the picture in a smaller format by entering the percentage, or to adjust the picture to another position. Example: [[img:123 right 30%]] shows the picture 123 right-justified in a 30% size.

In the blogs and profiles of VIPs, videos from YouTube, MyVideo and other large video sites can be integrated directly. In order to do this, you simply have to insert the address of the site (and not the often-quoted embed code) with the video using the copy-and-paste function. Currently, we support the direct viewing of videos from the following sites: YouTube, Google Video, MySpaceTV, SevenLoad.de, Clipfish.de, MyVideo.de, MetaCafe.com and Vimeo.com.

Examples, quotes and footnotes

With <code></code> you can format programming examples and ASCII-Arts. Moreover, you can include the programming language of the example: <code php>your PHP-example</code> - then the example will also have the color corresponding to the programming language and include the line numbers in order to allow for easier discussion.

By introducing the a line with >, quotes that are typical for chatmails and boards will also be automatically recognized and marked. You can mark other sources using the special <quote></quote> tag. Example:

In his book xyz, abc writes:
Quote quote quote
Quote quote quote

If you want to use the tags, formats etc in the text without carrying out the formatting, you can set them between <nowiki></nowiki> tags. They will then simply be shown, instead of carried out. This can be useful if you want to explain to someone how he should carry out a specific formatting function.

You can also use [fn footnote text] to include additional information in the form of a small footnote which appears as soon as you move the mouse across it. This will then look like this: 1


Lines which begin with # or * are numbered or unnumbered lists. Example:

* Line 1
* Line 2
* Line 3

# Line 1
# Line 2
# Line 3


Many elements, such as pictures ([[img:number]] tags), headings (<header></header> tags) and texts can be left-justified, right-justified or center-aligned. Examples:

[[img:123 right]] aligns the picture 123 right-justified.
<header center>Heading</header> center-aligns the heading.
<align right>Text Text Text</align> aligns any text right-justified.

In addition to left, right and center, the special function text exists for pictures which aligns the picture within the text flow - very useful when arranging pictures next to each other.

You can indent your text using the following command: <indent>...</indent>. If you want to indent the text by a specific number of pixels (up to 300), you can also include this in the command: <indent 250>...</indent> would, for example, indent by 250 pixels.

Other formatting functions
Several hyphens alone within a line create a separating line: ---------

Special VIP features

The following possibilities are available only to VIPs:

Integrating pictures from other web services and animated pictures
VIPs may (other than in boards) also integrate pictures from a series of smiley and guestbook picture pages. In order to do this, you simply have to copy only the address of the picture into your posting, or copy the "BBCode" which can often be found on the pertinent sites into your text.

A selection of admissible web-sites: http://flickr.com * http://ekartenwelt.de * http://hd-gbpics.de * http://gbpics24.net * http://gbpics.to * http://xkcd.com * http://smileygarden.de * http://my-smileys.de * http://www.icanhascheezburger.com * http://failblog.org * http://www.gifmix.de * http://www.gratissmilies.de * http://www.123gif.de * http://www.animaatjes.de * http://www.animaatjes.nl * http://www.gbbilder.net * http://www.mygbpics.com * http://www.gb-eintrag.de * http://www.zulva.com * http://www.picturesanimations.com

We will not list every individual site - if in doubt, just try out the integration in the preview; then you can see if it works.

However, please note the following:

  • You are still responsible for the sort of pictures you post here. Just because certain pictures are posted on a web-site which is admissible for linking, that does not mean that the pictures are admissible here. The visual rendering of sexual acts, genitals, cutting, glorification of violence etc. is and remains forbidden. Whoever integrates such pictures from another web-site has to deal with the same consequences as if he/she had uploaded the picture here directly.
  • We cannot guarantee that the use of the pictures on the pertinent sites is admissible under copyright

Character encodings and headings
VIPs may also use different character encodings in their profiles, blog entries, guestbook entries and comments.

The command is
<font [size] [name]>your text</font>

whereby the size has to be between 9 and 48px and the name has to be selected from the list below.
This means, for example:

<font 18px BrushScript>Hallo!</font>

A list of the possible character encoding names: Verdana, Tahoma, Georgia, Times, Baskerville, CenturyGothic, Copperplate, FranklinGothic, Futura, Impact (Impact), Trebuchet, ComicSans, BrushScript (BrushScript), Garamond, Helvetica, Corsiva, BookAntiqua, Papyrus and Webdings

Please note that not everyone has installed these character encodings on his PC - some of the character encodings are normally installed if a corresponding program (e.g. MS Office/Word) is installed beforehand - in this case, a "normal" character encoding will be shown.

Additional fonts
Using a specific command, VIPs can also use special fonts which do not have to be saved on the PC of the person, but are directly provided by spinchat.com as automatically created pictures.

The Wiki tag is as follows:

[[text:<font> <font size> <font color> <edge width> <edge color> <alignment>|<Text>]]

Whereby <font color>, <edge width>, <edge color> and <alignment> are optional.


[[text:Foo 50 red 2 black left|Hallo world!]]
"Hallo world!" in the font "Foo", size 50, color red, 2 pixel border, border in black, left-justified.

[[text:Ivana Script 40 black center|I am a heading]]
... Ivana Script, size 40, black, center-aligned

[[text:Shlop 60 #00FF00 3 black|Have fun ;-)]]
... slimy, green

The following fonts are available: Carouselambra, Chilopod, Flyswim, Foo, Ivana Script, Civilite, Davida, Degrassi, American Uncial, Data Seventy, Night Court, Milano, Ransom, Snowballs, Creepy, Binner Gothic, Binner Poster, Jokerman, Rebus Script, Rina, Shlop, Walshes, Porcelain, Disgusting, Max Rhodes, Misproject, Broken15, Dirty Ego, Pix Antiqua

The font size may be between 16 and 160 pixels. The maximum border width is 5 pixels. For the alignment, you have, as usual: left, right, center and text. Whereby "text" integrates the picture in the text flow.

The picture generated by the server can currently have a maximum size of 650 x 800 pixels. Should the content be bigger, it will either be wrapped or cut off.

Colored boxes
VIPs can put texts in your blog and profiles in colored boxes: <box WDITHxLENGTH ALIGNMENT COLOR>Text</box>.

<box 100x100 center red>text in the box</box>
<box 210 left> ... </box>
<box 100x100 #FF0000> <box 10x10 right green> ... </box> </box>