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What should I know about my friends' list?

The friends' list provides you with a simple way of seeing which if your friends is currently online, and configuring your settings such that certain things in your profile (e.g. blog entries, your e-mail address and similar) are only visible to your friends.

You can view the list of your friends who are online by, for example, staying on the menu point "Friends" with your mouse (without clicking) - then a menu with all your friends who are currently online will drop down and you can talk to them directly by clicking on the speech balloon, or by jumping into their profile by clicking on their name.

In order to add someone to your friends' list, simply click on "Friendship" in the corresponding profile. You may then send a friendship request with a short message. The friend will then receive a message regarding the friendship request on his homepage and may either reject or accept the request.

For each of your friends, you may decide whether you want the friendship to remain private, i.e. secret, or whether you want to make it public. If you and your friend both decide to make the friendship "public", the photo and name of the friend will appear in the respective profile under the menu point "Friends"; in addition, the start of your friendship will be announced to your friends on their homepages. As such, your common friends can then see whether they would maybe like to add the new friend to their friends' lists as well.

Should either of you decide to keep the friendship private, however, the friendship will not appear in either of your profiles and will not be announced on the homepages of your friends either.

How many friends am I allowed to have?
The number of friends is unlimited; this means that you may accept as many requests as you want. Please keep in mind that it may become rather confusing for you if you have hundreds of friends.

Only the number of friendship requests that you may send out is limited: If you are not a paying customer, a so-called VIP, if you may send out friendship requests yourself as long as you have less than 15 friends. As soon as you have 15 friends, you may only accept requests from other people. In contrast, as a VIP, you may send out requests yourself as long as you have less than 1000 friends.

How do I remove someone from my friends' list?
You can simply remove friends from the list by clicking on "Friendship" in their profile. Under the menu point "Friendship" in the main menu, you can also find a list of all your friends in order to remove friends more quickly, or to switch between private friendships and public friendships. In addition, you can also find a list there with the latest friendship requests you have sent out and have not been answered yet, as well as a list of requests which you have recently rejected.