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What should I know about block lists?

If you feel particularly harassed by a registered person, you have the possibility of setting this person on a permanent block list.

In order to add a person to your block list, go to his profile, there simply click on "Block" and then on "Add to block list". A menu to select the block type will then appear:

  • Message Block - Private communication from the blocked user, directed to you, is blocked: All chatmails, guestbook entries and comments by the selected person will be blocked. "Rocks" made by the person on your items will not be displayed on your startpage.
  • Complete - We additionally hide some public communication by the blocked user: Messages in the chatrooms will not be displayed anymore (you still see that the user is there, though). Board messages of that user will be marked automatically read in threaded view, so the "Next posting" function will show you less postings of blocked users.

Select the type you want and then click on "Add". The nickname is now on your block list.

You can view and edit your block list by clicking on "Friends" in the main menu and then on "Block list".

In order to remove a person from your block list, mark the small box in the overview in front of the corresponding nickname with a small tick and then click on "Remove highlighted person from the list" or click on "Block" again in the profile of the person you want to unblock.