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More information on the different functions

How does the blog/diary work?

With the blog function you can write and publish your personal diary. As soon as you have made your first entry, your blog will be visible in your profile for all persons of our system, unless you deactivate this function in your blog settings.

When writing a blog entry you can, in addition to entries visible to everyone, also write entries which are only visible to your friends or even only to yourself. And you can decide if people can comment on the entry or not.

As VIP you have even more possibilities at your disposal, such as using not only your gallery's pictures and smileys but also our decorations for designing your entries. Apart from this, you can not only post an unlimited number of blog entries, but you can also conduct polls in your blog.

To get to your blog, go to "-> Write blog" on the homepage.
Then you can create new entries or even polls under the menu item "Write", decorate them with pictures, smileys or decorations, if applicable, assign them a title, categorize them, andtag them/assign them keywords. As such, blogs containing the same tags can be found easily by you.
Under the menu item "Edit" you can amend your old entries.
Under the menu item "Settings" you can, on the one hand, write a prologue to your a blog with the usual design options, and, on the other hand, you can decide if you want to display your blog in your profile or not.

To view your blog, go to the "-> Write blog" on the homepage, and then click on "-> View blog" in the overview on the left side of the page.
On the right side of your/a blog's box, there are various possibilities for displaying the entries; by clicking on a certain year, for example, the year's monthly overview will be displayed.
If blog entries have been assigned tags, the corresponding tag cloud will be displayed below the entry display box. Please note that the tags will be displayed in different sizes, depending on how often they are used. If, for example, three entries have been assigned the tag "Dog" and one the tag "Cat", the word "Dog" will be displayed in a bigger size than the word "Cat".
If you click on one of these tags, then you will be shown all entries of this blog which have been assigned this tag

To view the Community's latest blog entries, click on "-> All people's entries" on the homepage under the overview of "Your friends' latest blog entries".
The tag cloud you can see there on the left refers to the blog entries of all users who have tagged their blog entries. If you, e.g. click on the word "Love", you will be shown the entries of all people who have assigned this tag to their blog entries.

The following display options are available to you for the latest blog entries: all, your friends', those of people from your region and entries with polls.

To comment on another person's blog entry yourself, click on "-> Add Comment" in the respective entry.

To search the public entries of your/a blog for a certain keyword, just use the blog search below the entry display or tag cloud. All entries which contain the keyword entered by you will be listed in the hit list. The list can, thus, also include entries which are not tagged.
To search all public blog entries of the Community, just use the blog search on the page with the latest entries of all people.

Where does the term "blog" come from?
The word "blog" is the abbreviation of "weblog", that means simply a website, which is regularly expanded by adding new entries. A blog can deal with a wide range of topics, which are important to you, or can be simply used as your personal diary.

What does the "RSS 2.0" mean under "Feeds"?
This indicates that you can "subscribe" to a blog which you are interested in via rss-feed. That means that by means of the corresponding RSS-reader you can follow the diaries without being logged into the Community. In case of Firefox, this option is integrated as so-called "Live Bookmarks". But there are also other and even more convenient possibilities to follow a blog, e.g. via e-mail. You will receive an e-mail with the respective entry as soon as a new blog has been created. If you are interested in this, you can look for "rss feed" on the Internet. Sooner or later you will find what you are looking for :-)