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What kind of functions, commands, etc. can I use in a room?

Creating chat-macros

As VIP, you can design chat-macros with your own content. In order to design your personal macros, click on "Settings" -> "Chat" -> "Chat - Macros" on the homepage, enter the actions you want in the respective fields and save them by clicking on "Save settings".

With the arrows on the right hand-side of the fields, you can exchange the content of one field with the content in the line above or underneath, making it easier for you to insert and arrange everything. To execute actions by means of the macros, like writing about yourself in the third person or forming thought bubbles, you have to put prefixes like "/me" or "/think" in front of the text in the respective fields.

Example: Macro "shopping" means that "nickname is shopping".
You enter "shopping" in the field "Name", and "/me is shopping" in the field "Activities".

Using macros as commands

Macros whose names consist of only one word can be entered directly in chat rooms or dialogues as commands. In case of the example mentioned above, you could simply type "/shopping" to send the respective macro instead of selecting the command from the list.

Macros which refer to people

If you enter the special text "@selecteduser@" in your macro, this would be replaced by the person's name whom you have just clicked on in the room's people's list. The macro will also be replaced directly in your people's list menu.

Inserting text in macro commands

You can also use the special placeholder "@arg@" in your macros. If you then use the macro as text command, the text you enter after the command will be inserted there.

You define the macro "says" with the text: "/me says: @arg@"

Now you could type: /says Hi, and you would send the following to the room: "/me says: Hi"