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What is Spinchat.com? What does Spinchat.com cost?

How was Spinchat.com created (for the technically interested)?

Spinchat.com primarily consists of three components - Java Applets that are loaded in the browser in order to set up a connection to the chat and to display it; the chat server that runs on our premises and that communicates the connections between people; and a webserver that provides boards, mails, profile pages etc. The multi-player games are also all written in Java. In addition, there is also a database in the backend.

The chat server is a complete self-development in Java that allows the execution distributed on several PCs and can handle several thousands of chat people on a standard PC.

In addition, we use as database MySQL (in which user data, mails, board entries etc. are saved) a database that does not exactly excel in completely supporting all SQL features, but is primarily one thing: fast. Today, we consider the deployment of MySQL a mistake, but well, afterwards some things cannot be changed very easily. If you have the choice, take PostgreSQL ;-)

The whole combination runs on a Debian GNU/Linux PC.

99% of the codes were written with Emacs, TextMate und VIM. We use ProGuard for the optimization of our Java Applets.

We thank all software projects involved - without them, Spinchat.com as we know it would not have come into being!