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Heartbleed / Password change

On April 7th, 2014 the so called "Heartbleed" bug in the widely used OpenSSL software package has been exposed. The bug has been existing for about 2 years and was not publicly known until that day. OpenSSL is in use on about two-thirds of all websites, including spinchat.com. The heartbleed bug theoretically allows reading user passwords which have previously been transmitted over encrypted internet connections.

We fixed the problem immediately and used the following days for another security check of all our services. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the bug, it is not possible to actually detect afterwards, whether the problem has been abused or not to actually read out user passwords. We do not know of any cases where this actually happened on spinchat.com, but we simply cannot guarantee that this has never happened.

Heartbleed does not only affect spinchat.com but many large internet services, including many large mail providers as well as other online communities. Due to legal reasons we will not name other affected sites here. Many of these sites have preferred not to disclose the existence of the problem to their users, probably because many of them think the actual security risk is low.

Spin believes that the decision, whether the decision to play it safe by changing one's password belongs in the hands of the users and and not the PR departments of the affected corporations.

We therefore recommend to change your password to eliminate any remaining risk.

Background information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartbleed