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Protection of Minors

Important information for minors

The most important rule is: Do not meet with anyone you only know from Spinchat.com, in the chat or anywhere else on the internet. Always talk to your parents before you do something. Do not ever respond to promises concerning money, gifts or the like as a reward for photos or a meeting. You may think that you can play a trick on an adult and can easily earn some additional pocket money, but he/she could be stronger than you are and force you into doing something.

  • Keep in mind that other children and teenagers might not be as mature as you are. Don't push them into conversations they do not want to have, especially not about sex. Remember the time when you were 10, 12 or 14 years of age. Maybe you had completely different interests back then, and you were not interested in boys or girls yet. Other children and teenagers you meet here could be still just like that. Don't talk them into things and don't force them to talk about things they are uncomfortable with or they don't even understand. Under no circumstances should you try to involve children or teenagers into "role plays".
  • Do not reveal your personal data such as your complete name, address, cellphone number or the name of your school to people you don't know.
  • Even if you are curious, don't allow people that are much older than you are to involve you in discussions about sex.
  • Think twice what exactly you write into your profile and which photos you want to publish. Not only could you draw sick people's attention to you, you could also deter possible future employers that you might want to apply to as soon as you have finished school. It is not cool to show off as heavy drinker, tough gangster rapper or the like. You have to bear in mind that everything you do or publish on the Internet can be found forever and that people can get a bad impression about you later in life.
  • Don't let yourself lure by senseless promises such as a model agent wanting to make you a model.
  • Think twice about what you install on your PC, especially if people from the chat recommend it to you. Malicious programs that want to spy on you could hide behind a funny game or a screensaver.